Video Game Grand Theft Auto V Incorporates Illuminati Symbolism

We already know that the Grand Theft Auto franchise has a reputation for glorifying violence and depraved behavior, such as inflicting bodily harm, obscene language, using weapons, and of course…stealing cars, but there’s something else disturbing about the latest installment of the ultra-popular video game title. Not only do you get the same type of game play in Grand Theft Auto V, but the symbolism and support for a certain secret society is also gaining quite a bit of attention.

Just like with any of the other Grand Theft Auto titles, there has been controversy surrounding some of the themes that the fifth installment to the game franchise touches upon. For starters, some have voiced a concern regarding a sequence in the game that places gamers in the role of a torturer, where players are “forced” to “perform a series of unspeakable acts.” In an effort to gain information for a mission, a user of the game must select from a table of torture equipment to use on a restrained character.

However, this isn’t the only area of the video game that is disturbing or rubbing people the wrong way. As a player of Grand Theft Auto V, you will also encounter a handful of symbolism and references related to the Illuminati, which have been intentionally inserted into the backgrounds and settings of the game.

In the scene below, you will find a snapshot of the décor chosen for a safe house belonging to one of the main characters in the video game. One of the first things to probably catch your eye is the framed painting of a triangle with rays shooting out from its core (a reference to an illuminated pyramid). Above the triangle-like shape is an eye, which resembles the same style as Egyptian art (a nod to the Eye of Horus). Resting on the mantle is a pyramid-looking item – another reference to the Illuminati.

In the scene below, you will see a poster that shows a large triangle with an eye inside – both a reference to the Illuminati and single-eye symbolism. Interestingly, the image on the poster looks very much like the artwork found on the one dollar bill. The words, ‘The Man is Watching You’ accompanies the symbol – perhaps making a statement that the Illuminati is always watching you.

Then, there is the issue of the Secret Easter Egg in Grand Theft Auto V, which some gamers have referred to as the “Secret Illuminati Easter Egg.” As you go about trying to unlock the hidden items found within the game, there is a map that you can use (shown below). Notice how the structure resembles a rocky pyramid-shape, and right at the top of the shape, there is a UFO-looking image that also looks like an eye. Some gamers have found ‘strange’ symbols on the side of the mountain. At one point, there is the skull of a goat or ram’s head (Baphomet) located in the rubble.

Grand Theft Auto V was released on September 17, 2013, and is available to those who own an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Players will have the freedom to interact with a whole new set of characters, mission-based settings, and the storytelling that has always been a good selling point for the video game. There will also be an online multiplayer option for those who would like to interact in real-time with other gamers. Within 24 hours of its release, Grand Theft Auto V broke industry-wide sales records, as the title brought in $800 million. In three days, the total reached $1 billion in sales, earning accolades as the fastest selling entertainment product of all time.