Michael Jackson Was Murdered By Illuminati Music Industry

Michael Jackson was MURDERED by the Illuminati
for speaking out against them.  The music industry is ran by the illuminati
rich, and they use the stars to brainwash people and implant their messages.
Let’s start by looking at a few popular celebrities and their messages in the
lyrics.  Here’s just a few of the many examples available to be found.


Dr. Dre

Immortal Technique

Fatboy Slim


LL Cool J



Matthew Good

Puff Daddy



Black Eyed Peas


Skinny Puppy


Slim Shady


Michael Jackson was subject to this Illuminati Crap at one


Until He Took A Stand



The Illuminati knew Michael Jackson has such a HUGE following
that his messages would expose them. It became too dangerous- so they needed to
take care of him.

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