The New Black Panthers Calling for Mass Killings of Caucasian Americans

The Black Panthers, a militant “black power” group from the 1960s, are regrouping and claim they want to murder as many Caucasian Americans as possible, according to a video on Breitbart.

A handful of popular political pundits, like Michelle Malkin, the Breitbart.com gang, and Glenn Beck’s crew at The Blaze, are attempting to stoke the flames of fear over the enthusiastic YouTube musings of a few individuals who’ve forgotten it’s no longer the ’60s. The pundits also took a turn toward race as they quickly, and predictably, accused Obama of ‘looking the other way.’

These are the same people who fiercely advocate for bombing Muslim countries and say “10 percent of Muslims are terrorists,” but then get mad when a guy with a few screws loose is a bit more hawkish than them.

The host of Right-Wing blogs exploded recently following the epic rants by New Black Party elements calling for a militarization of their little club. Granted, his language was colorful.

“Sic pitbulls on ’em, throw acid on they asses, stick them in the bottom of the river, pull ’em back up, bust ’em in the head with a rock,” raged King Samir Shabazz, national field marshal for The New Black Panthers, during a recorded phone call. “So what has to happen is, the New Black Panther Party has decided that we have to now create a military that’s really going to represent the entire organization as a whole.”

“So we’re going to have to get out in the streets, as I said it on National Geographic, hell, I said it,” Shabazz continued. Black people are being shot down everywhere, according to Shabazz, “every 36 to 48 hours” even in “America, Russia, and … and Crackistan, or wherever it is these white folks is living amongst black people.”

I might be scared if I wasn’t too busy laughing.

Anyway, Shabazz should be thankful for the whitest of white people, Rupert Murdoch, who owns controlling stock in National Geographic. I wonder why Murdoch’s company would give press to a man calling for domestic terrorism.

That’s a story you won’t see Glenn Beck wasting his chalk on.

Source:  Business Insider