1986 UFO Sighting in Milwaukee Reported to Coast Guard

In Milwaukee 1986, A friend and i were just leaving a cousins house, When i noticed that the moon was weird,it had a opening space in the moon.

Well we got in the car to leave i stopped at the stop sign only to look up to see a UFO. I had a camers in the car but, was scared to use it, Thinking they could beam chris and i into the spaceship. Well  at first it was just hovering in one place. Chris said to me what is that?I said slowly a ufo. It was like we were in a trans of some sort just starring at it for minutes.

Then the ufo started to rotate over and over.we follows down the street until the brite light were gone. We just couldn’t believe on what we saw that night at 11pm. It was oct 6th1986 full moon – the sqare empty space in the moon. I had to take chris home then i would be by myself. I was scared and happy to be home. I went to bed but,i thought i need to tell some one about this. So i looked up the coast guard. I called and told my story. He gave me a no to call Mr tucker in Indiana. So i again told him… The shape of the ufo was oval,with lots of windows in the middle of the craft it was very bright with smoke under the craft to hold it up. It was remarkable even now thinking about this night 18yrs ago. I’ll never forget this situation…
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