1987 UFO Disclosure Movement

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Los Angeles, January 7th, 1987


As controversy rages over the recent Alaskan UFO sighting, The Aetherius
Society, whose headquarters is based in Hollywood, CA, has launched a national
campaign calling for the truth on this most vital, contemporary issue: the UFO

Despite a complete turnabout by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA),
who originally confirmed radar tracking of the UFO sighting over Alaska on
November 17th, 1986, but yesteraday claimed it was an error, the following
reported facts remain:

* A veteran Japanese pilot and experienced crew witnessed three UFOs for over
400 miles between Iceland and Alaska, lasting 32 minutes.

* So definite was this sighting, that the pilot took evasive action from the
objects, dropping 4000 feet, under FAA guidance.

* The objects were described as moving with amazing speed and astonishingly
abrupt stops.

* [The pilot turned off all lights on the aircraft], which rules out the
possibility of light reflection causing these sightings.

* The aircraft moved in a 360 degree circle, which rules out the possibility
of the objects being mere weather phenomena.

* The objects were tracked on radar by the aircraft.

* [The objects were sighted from the ground by independent witnesses accord
ing to reports received by CBS network.]

* FAA investigators concluded the crew were “normal, professional,
rational, (and had) no drug or alcohol involvement.”

* The pilot’s conclusion was that he saw _something of extra-terrestrial

Originally, US Government agencies confirmed radar tracking of these objects.

Why have they now withdrawn this confirmation weeks after the event, stating
that it was a computer fault?

What is the likelihood of a radar readout produced by a computer fault
tallying exactly with all the genuine factors specified above?

In short, is there a Government cover-up?

The Aetherius Society demands to know the truth.

The Aetherius Society, led by its Founder/President Sir George King, has
campaigned internationally since 1955 for world governments to release the truth
about UFOs.

1987 sees the launch of a massive nationwide campaign in the United States to
galvanize public interest in this phenomenon and to answer the many questions
which have been left unanswered by government, military, scientific and
educational establishments alike. The Aetherius Society, a registered non-profit
organization, has decided to fulfill this public educational need.


During a special Symposium to be held on February 7th at the fashionable
Hotel Hollywood, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, attendees will be presented with:

* The history and evidence of the UFO phenomenon.

* Examples of photographic evidence of UFOs.

* A panel of international experts who will answer questions from the floor.

* Cases where Flying Saucer sightings were forecast in public by Sir George
King and later confirmed — in some cases, by hundreds of witnesses.

* Details of scientific information regarding the dangers of radioactivity,
received by Sir George King from extraterrestrial sources _and proved correct
over 25 years later_ – even in specific locations, such as the well-known case
in Winscale (Sellafield), England, which received exten- sive world publicity
last year.

* The facts concerning a major Russian nuclear accident which were received
by Sir George King _18 years before the world knew of its occurrence_ – a fact
which has been verified by England’s orthodox academic journal, “The New
Scientist”, who admit they were “scooped by a UFO.”

* _Details of action taken by The Aetherius Society before the Chernobyl
catastrophe in April 1986_.

This and other vitally important material regarding UFOs will be delivered by
internationally established lecturers and broadcasters on the subject.

For further information, photographs and press material, please contact Dr.

Raymond Nielsen, Dr. Richard Lawrence or Dr. Alan Moseley at:

The Aetherius Society Campaign Headquarters (213) 465-9652 or 467-4325