1989 Voronezh, Russia: Alien Creature Opens Fire on Teens

One of the most disturbing and certainly interesting stories of alien visitors is also one of the most under-reported today.  The Voronezh visitors appeared not only in a crowded par in front of dozens of witnesses, but displayed a peculiar but very specific type of technology.  They also opened fire on witnesses with a mysterious ray gun that caused at least one teen to vaporize instantly – only to return moments later in front of his friends.  To this day the incident is often swept under the rug, but the witnesses to the events that unfolded that day reportedly are still haunted by the terror they felt that cold day in September.

Contrary to popular belief, the incident did not actually begin on September 27th necessarily, but rather began with a series of mysterious unidentified flying objects which were reported through the skies just before the incident occurred.  As witnesses began excitedly telling one another of the mysterious objects spotted in the city of approximately 800,000.  As the incident was unfolding only 300 miles from Moscow, it quickly gained the attention of the Kremlin newspaper TASS.  But TASS instead sat on the reports as they did not fit with what they normally reported.

Then the 27th happened.  A group of teenagers and school children were playing at approximately 6:30 in the afternoon when a strange object slowly and silently descended on a clearing nearby.  As the crowd of dozens were attracted by the sudden appearance of something so out of place, the hatch beneath the mysterious hovering object opened.  What they saw would haunt the witnesses for the rest of their lives.

A creature stood with a short domed head topped by three glowing eyes that stared down at the area beneath the craft it was residing in.  The creature was enormous, and according to witnesses could not have been smaller than 9 feet tall.

The creature eventually emerged from the craft along with two others and a strange robotic companion with a series of buttons on its front allowing it to spring to life and begin studying the area.

Soil samples were taken and the creature the witnesses took to be the leader projected a holographic series of triangles around the area that presumably indicated places to study or scan.  As the creatures each went on with their work, one of the teens was overwhelmed with terror and screamed.  The leader immediately set one of his eyes on the frightened youth and he was frozen as if in suspended animation.

As they finished their work, the creatures suddenly vanished from sight only to return with what some described as a “pistol” and vaporized one of the nearby teens in a beam of light.  As the creatures returned to their ship the teen reappeared and fled the scene.

The craft quickly took off and finally vanished into the air as the frightened youths struggled to make any sense out of what they had seen.  Tass, the Soviet Newspaper decided it was finally time to reveal to the world that something unusual was going on in the USSR.

And that’s not where the strangeness ends with the case.  Cave paintings unearthed later in Australia depict three eyed humanoids of the exact description given by the witnesses of the Voronezh incident so well that it has left researchers wondering if the two incidents could somehow be linked.