5 Second Sighting Take Skeptic by Surprise

A man in Porter Texas reports an encounter with a mysterious craft that made a believer out of him after years of being on the fence about the subject of aliens and their craft.  The mysterious sighting happened on September 08th, and left the witness with the same sense of discovery and confusion so commonly reported with the UFO phenomenon.

The witness’ report, submitted to the Mutual UFO Network begins with him talking on the phone with a long time friend of his while sitting in the back yard.  As he sat, an object moved across the sky with incredible speed.  At first thinking it was a meteor, he shared the experience with his friend, saying that he hadn’t seen anything like it in a long time.  But then the sighting took a more mysterious turn.

A commercial jet heading North appeared in the sky above his house.  Because the witness’ house is surrounded by trees, there was little visibility for the witness to work with.  What he saw next changed his opinion of UFOs forever.  The same meteor backtracked and moved behind the aircraft, hovering from side to side as though it was scanning for something.  The witness suggests that the movements were reminiscent of a dragonfly fluttering from side to side as it maintains flight on two separate sets of wings.  As the witness watched, the mysterious craft shot off and was never seen again.

Though the sighting was short, lasting only approximately five seconds, it left an impression on the witness that something incredible had just happened.  He was unable to explain the flight path, maneuverability, or speed of the object as it passed around the aircraft and then disappeared with all the intense speed of a meteorite.

As he stood watching the sky he no doubt lost track of the conversation.  The incredibly bizarre occurrence, while more or less commonplace to the usual experienced ufologist illustrates just how quickly someone’s entire perspective of the UFO phenomenon can change as new information and experiences come to light.  How many skeptics have themselves turned to believers as something unusual has happened to them personally?

And yet is this a good basis for reassessing your position of the paranormal?  While our own experiences are the most powerful evidence of all (and likely always will be) for our personal beliefs, they depend on external factors to come to conclusions that may be quite passionate in the end.  How many swamp gas skeptics ultimately never open themselves up to the idea of occurrences outside of the mainstream simply because they have never personally encountered something that is by its nature exceedingly rare and dramatic in a way that cannot be explained away?  And for that matter how many believers have been made out of a flawed interpretation of entirely ordinary events?

Still, the fact that such a high up device could have maneuvered at such incredible speed and showed the apparent intelligence required to follow a commercial airliner suggests that this now believer may have quite a bit to consider when thinking on the paranormal now.