5 Year Old Reports UFO as a Round Plane

A five year old girl has reported a UFO as a “round plane” in a move that is making a lot of people take notice primarily because she didn’t report a UFO, but rather a “round plane,” with no direct connection to alien involvement.  As a result, the father of the girl has taken his story to the Mutual UFO Network along with a drawing of a round craft she drew subsequently that looks exactly like a traditional UFO.

On January 25th, the girl was riding home with her father when she excitedly pointed out a mysterious object hovering in the distance.  When the father asked what the object was, she said it looked like a round plane and  was hovering above a house not far from where they were.  The father looked out the passenger window, but didn’t look closely because he was driving and couldn’t be distracted for long.  He didn’t see the object.  Then, as hours and then two days passed, the father couldn’t get the sighting out of his mind.

He handed his daughter a pen and some paper and told her to draw the object.  What she drew was unmistakably a saucer-shaped craft similar to those described in UFO reports worldwide.  Is it possible she misinterpreted something entirely anomalous as something mundane?  It seems possible, and even likely.  It also seems possible she could have been misled.  It seems an interesting addition to the body of evidence present about Unidentified Flying Objects, but not exactly proof positive.  A number of things could have resulted in her seeing an object in the sky.  Perhaps she saw an advertisement or movie where saucer-like craft were portrayed and then saw a regular plane, and transposed the images where her thoughts filled in the blanks.  Of course this is a bit of a stretch, since there was no accompanying information suggesting she was anything but a perfectly credible witness.  For all the claims that youths do not make good witnesses, their testimony is considered acceptable in court and therefore she should not be dismissed as a witness in this case as well.

And while there is certainly no shortage of hoaxes perpetrated by youngsters, (just last month we learned the “house of 60 fires a day” had a young child who was responsible for at least three of the fires as he confessed to them) their sightings certainly must be backed by considerably more evidence than the claims of those who are older, but should not be dismissed outright.

But what if it was real?  What if there really was a craft hovering above a house in broad daylight?  What was it doing there?  And is there something about our consciousness that we lose as we age that allows us to see things others cannot?  It’s a peculiar thought, but are imaginary friends, alien visitors, and our dead relatives visiting us?  And is there something that makes it so we cannot see them after our brains develop into maturity?