A Chupacabra Cannot Live On Blood Alone… Or Can They?

The Chupacabra, the legendary cryptid that gradually migrated north in the last 100 years has led many to believe that with the new region it may be taking advantage of a new diet as well.  But while the Chupacabra is certainly an unexplainable creature, could it actually survive on the diet everyone says it has been on?  Or would it have to find something else to keep it alive.

It was a crisp November morning when four brothers went outside their Texas home to check on the chickens.  There had been a storm the previous night, and word had reached their breakfast table that the winds had been sufficient enough to knock the shattered fragments of their own windmill across the property line over to the neighbors’ house.  Already the day ahead of them seemed like it would be filled with work – though they were no strangers to work.  But the storm seems to have brought something else into their lives.  And as they pried back the torn door in front of the chicken house and gazed inside, they were shocked by what they saw.

It stood approximately three feet tall with bright red insect-like eyes glaring out at them.   In its claws it had the drained carcass of a chicken.  With one of the brothers picking up a nearby rake to shoo the creature away, it half snarled and half hissed at them – sending chills down their spines.  With that it leapt up to the roof and disappeared.  Though they looked, they would never find the creature either dead or alive.  What they did find was that the chickens who had been slain the night before had no sign of being attacked aside from puncture marks in them.  Later when they underwent further examination, it was learned that the chickens had been drained of all their blood.

But could a chupacabra have actually survived if it only drank blood?  Most descriptions of the creature seem to suggest a physiology that not only drinks or somehow absorbs blood, but also one that might survive on other sources of nourishment as well.  Of course this runs into another problem.  The chupacabra comes – as many accounts have suggested – in several different forms.  But to see one that exclusively drank blood, we might look into the other creatures that live exclusively off the blood of others.  Of course most of these are insects.

Then there are vampires which changed into blood suckers after their initial form was already created.  So is this the case with the chupacabra?  Is it actually several different creatures who are all afflicted with the same illness?  There are some accounts that even suggest the chupacabra may be related to the strange lights seen hovering over cattle just before a cattle mutilation takes place.  Perhaps in time this mystery will be solved.  But in the mean time it is completely unexplainable.