A Strange Chapter in the UFO Mythos – Abductees Meet Alien Children

It’s no secret that the alien abduction narrative is full of strange elements, but few seem to go so far against the grain of what we understand or think we understand of UFOs as the presentation of children after the first few alien abduction experiences.  Why would an alien race feel the need to show an alien abductee their child even after the child had been born?  What purpose does this serve?  And what does this sudden seemingly innocuous chapter in each abductee’s story tell us about the mysterious beings that take them into their world?

The gesture is often said to be an opportunity for the abductee has contributed to the efforts of the alien visitors and brought forth a life into the world (or others like it) and the child is seen to have both human and strangely inhuman characteristics.  Sometimes the abductees report this experience as something horrifying they cannot come to terms with while others say it’ a peaceful feeling that reinforces their resolve to assist in whatever way possible to help these creatures.  But is it as simple as that?  Are there other things these creatures could be hoping to achieve by having the children interact with their human parents?

It’s a well known fact that children require attention and affection.  Without human contact a child will slowly begin to die within minutes of birth.  This fact has been reinforced by research from scientists all over the world.  Children who are interacted with are healthier, live longer, and have a greater likelihood of getting older.  And what if this interaction needed to be human and couldn’t be just any sentient being?  What if the ulterior motive of letting parents see their alien hybrid children was because there is no known technology to circumvent this simple fact of nature?  If this were the case, then the children would need to meet with their parents (or some other human) again at some point or risk dying at that early age.  Perhaps, according to this interpretation of the alien abduction narrative, this interaction is more for the benefit of the alien hybrid offspring than the parents themselves.

And so we can begin to understand why several things happen in the alien abduction stories we hear so often following an almost analogous line from beginning to end with widely different people.  The fact that completely different people from entirely different cultures and societies begs several serious questions about why the story has evolved the way it has.

Of course there’s also the skeptical interpretation of this narrative as well, which suggests the alien abduction narrative came from a Jungian collective unconscious.  It’s possible the alien abductee will see his children as a sort of confirmation that the experiences before did happen and the alien children are actually a symbol detailing the abductee’s apprehension about child birth or raising in general.  According to the skeptical theory that alien abduction is a modern mythology, the children would represent the final manifestation of something entirely alien and yet recognizably human that the abductee had created.

Regardless of our interpretation of these accounts, alien abduction is still at the top of the list of creepiest common stories in our society today.