A warning like no other to mankind

I now know that the biggest secret in the world today as one author on the subject put it ”˜is the conspiracy to silence the revelation that extra terrestrial aliens are already here now and have controlled our planet for millennia.’

An extra terrestrial  alien intelligence and technology far surpassing ours that, from the accounts of some abductees, tens of thousands of years old (ours is a mere 170 years old) seeks to lie covertly on our planet, going about its horrendous business unnoticed. From time to time the Universe wide Second Law Of Thermodynamics sabotages its best made reptilian plans and lays them open to the notice of the world. A huge and powerful cartel , a secret government within a government in the US and other euro Caucasian Western countries goes into action to take out all physical evidence of this presence. This cartel is secretly sanctioned by Presidents and heads of other governments over many decades. Their motive ostensibly is not to promote a world panic and see the entire fiscal and governmental rules of order collapse all around the world, and crumble under pressure from ordinary people seeking to protect themselves from what they might perceive as a  terrifying threat to their wellbeing. Reads like the preamble to a Hollywood movie doesn’t it. Or some loony conspiracy theorists dream work.  The latter was precisely what I thought myself before I set about taking a look at the whole business just in case there was some truth in it. I decided to take a look because I had two very young children of my own, with their future in mind. To be honest I was quite annoyed at the needless hyping of something from outside our planet when we have enough real and powerful threats to our future from the machinations of beings indigenous to our planet.

I have a reputation for being rather pedantic. In fact I am nicknamed ”˜Ferret’ by some of my colleagues at my place of employment. Someone in the office raised the subject of UFO’s and claimed that his son who is a commercial pilot had seen one and that his son was utterly convinced that it was a tangible space craft and that it was not one  that could ever be produced on this planet with present day technology or indeed technology a century from now. He was utterly convinced from what his son (who had a degree in physics) said that there was an alien presence here on Earth and that this presence was what was leading world affairs. A big jump from seeing a flying object from an airliner cockpit  to occupants of extra terrestrial origin. I  wanted to prove to myself once and for all that this whole UFO business was a load of rubbish, a money making scam for vested interests – movie-makers and the like.

After many years of painstaking research I have come to the unequivocal conclusion that my friend’s son was right. From the state of being a confirmed sceptic about UFOs I have changed totally and now affirm that we as human beings are all the pawns of a huge conspiracy tied inextricably to the UFO phenomenon. I was thunderstruck by what I discovered. There is far too much evidence now from the most reliable sources possible that there is a real presence on this planet of some alien intelligence. I further contend that those who have examined the range of compelling evidence currently available and still choose to conclude that there is no interference in the affairs of Mankind by an alien power that has been on this planet for millennia are either ostriches burying their heads in the sand, or of suspect mental capacity, or (and this is a more chilling explanation) actually have a hidden agenda in protecting the alien interests. See http://www.jimmarrs.com/).

A tiny cartel of just 211 people at the present time effectively control the running systems of our planet. You will never know their names. They are not prominent names but feed into the greed and personal ambitions of prominent political racists and megalomaniacs all over the world especially in the US, Germany, France, and Gt Britain, slowly getting them into power as their tools for an incredible purpose. They brought down the Soviet Union by bribing a number of generals and will bring down or take out any government or individual that will stand in their way. They instigated the deployment of military satellites in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s to set up the spy satellites that can follow your car wherever it goes now, the GPS system that locates any spot in the world to inches, and set up the so called World Wide Web and Internet to be able to reach any individual in the world they perceive as an enemy of their cause.  Their final goal is the marking and identification of every living human being for their blood-cast and genetic details. Your bio data will soon be made your passport anywhere, and to do anything, and your individual liberty and life subject to their control in an instant.

In fact what I uncovered has convinced me that the entire terrorist threat is a covert set-up by this powerful but tiny group of people at the centre of the secret services of the US, motivated by racism at root, to promulgate utter and  total control of our individual freedoms as human beings world wide.  Imagine taking your passports on board a plane you are going to crash into a building so that you and thus your family could be identified with all the terrible repercussions that would ensue for them. Yet believe it or not the pilot’s passports were supposed to have been recovered on the Twin Towers site. This cartel of evil is so powerful and so confident, they can afford to insult the intelligence of us all and get away with it.

You don’t need war to take over the world any more. You can keep all the real estate undamaged and do it all covertly if all the good folk in the world know nothing, and when they are told they do nothing.

I know I am not alone in thinking this and I know of course that I will be written off as paranoid and a conspiracy theorist myself. I care nothing about that. It’s a clever way to discourage interest in these matters on the part of the powers that be. With what is verifiable now to most people, I suggest that you cannot be paranoid enough as an individual.  I know that a great many people in the world in their deepest part suspect what I have uncovered. I was just utterly naïve to think that such things did not happen. My research revealed that these people have carte blanche recourse to use the world media to sew misinformation designed to throw people of the scent of their dirty work.  In fact an individual in my own family very highly placed within the Pentagon with many contacts in this and other organisations told me that they own the worlds media through front-men and organisations all paid for by the secret US black budget for secret service operations amounting to 57 billion dollars. Not a single penny accountable to Congress or the Senate.  It explained why almost all the press and electronic media in the Euro-American West fall so quickly into towing the party line about anything important. All lines really do reach to Washington including some important ones set in the Middle East.

The gist of what I am saying is that the unofficial ”˜word’ from the bastions of power and authority in the world about the authenticity of the alien phenomenon is no more than a summary of the benefits any particular answer might give to the fiscal and political interests of those giving it. The terrifying thing is that it all centres on a small cartel of privileged people guarding their own privileges by guarding and protecting the interests of an alien species at the cost of the entire human population of the world. Their reward will be that they will be the ones to rule our planet on behalf of some alien lizards, after most of the world population is culled. Yes, that is you and me nondescript Johnny public out there. You just have to look at how Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz,  Perle, Bush and Blair lied cheated and pulled  a con on the entire world to go and kill over 200,000 Iraqi men women and children and nearly 3000 US and British soldiers. What they are really up to in doing all this will in stagger the world beyond belief. It concerns a threat out of this world. Out of this world in a thoroughly physical extra terrestrial sense.

There are a great many books that allude to the alien phenomenon and many spin-offs discussing various issues related to it. However, amongst all of these, there are relatively few that make an attempt to pinpoint the nature, origins and motivations of the alien interlopers. As I have said those writers that do try to account for these, tend to have a more ”˜way-out’, new-age approach that is less based on science, logic and clear thinking than magic and wishful thinking. I began reading all the more serious literature on the subject and found three authors whose work gave the subject the intelligence, balance and objectivity it deserved: Professor David Jacobs, Budd Hopkins and Nigel Kerner. There are many other highly credible authors who have written fascinating books on the subject but their brief it seemed was not to explain the alien phenomenon but to catalogue it and prove its authenticity. It was explanation that I was thirsty for.

The questions I found difficult to answer was not if they are here, it concerns why and for what purpose they are here. I wanted serious answers. Not the stuff and fluff you get from ”˜New Age’ Gurus and their mystical like. So where and how does one begin to answer such questions when the internet full of their nonsense at every blanche of a button.

Who or what are the Grey Aliens? Whose interests do they seek to promote with the various abduction procedures that have been reported? Do they have an end in mind that is beneficial to humanity or are their motivations driven solely by their own agendas whatever they might be?

The best and most complete summation of what the alien intent might be was, I found, Nigel Kerner’s book: “The Song of the Greys”. It is highly disturbing to anyone who has concerns about the personally invasive nature of the alien abduction phenomenon. I typed Kerner’s name into Google and came upon the only interview the author has ever done. The questions I wanted to ask him were bursting in me when I found Alain Gossens interview written up in www.karmapolis.be  Thankfully, the interview answered many of the points I had in my own mind to ask the author.

When Kerner was asked why he was so interested in the alien phenomenon, his answer struck a real chord in me as I have young children of my own. He said;

“I have children. I soon came to see that there is no greater peril to their future welfare and indeed the welfare of all children in all human generations to come, than the danger these entities present to all sentient living beings in any planet that supports intelligent life.”

Let me run Kerner’s thesis by you in as brief a form as I can. It really cut the mustard for me in the sense that it provided the answers for my questions.  I wrote this article because I have a feeling that other people may also have their questions resolved:

It is amazing that so many serious investigators into the alien phenomenon try to account for it with such exotic even quixotic theories. They say these visitors come from another Universe running parallel to ours. It seems there are endless numbers of these Universes catering for every eventuality possible. Anything, however outlandish, could be explained in this way and of course this theory is highly suited to the needs of those that might seek to hide a real and physical alien presence that is utterly of our universe. Anything coming out of a parallel universe can essentially be said not to have no repercussions in terms of the physical control of the dominion of this world. This whole thing would be more simply explained if it is possible to account for a way of getting past the speed of light limit that Einstein’s E=MC ² formula implies. Let me explain.

Kerner thinks the Greys are extra terrestrial from this Universe and not some parallel universe canard. They have mastered and can control gravity. Some of their crashed craft have devices that reliable investigating scientists think can cancel gravity. Take out gravity and you are not subject to the speed of light barrier. If their intelligence can do this they are capable of doing anything on this Earth with their technology and we and all things of this planet are real physical pawns in their game.

Taking a precedent from the behaviour of all living species on this planet he explains that any species that has superior capabilities to another living species will seek to dominate that other species to further its own ends at the cost of the inferior species. He points out that states in the physical universe are, in line with second law of thermodynamics, becoming less and less ordered with time through a process of break up and decay. This makes everything vulnerable in the survival stakes.  It is the same all over the Universe for all living species. All superior species will dominate the inferior one if it is in their own survival interests and accord. There is no such thing as a free lunch all over the Universe. We will kill maim lie cheat to survive when the chips are down. All of us. The only permanent survival without threat exists out of atoms in a paradigm Kerner calls the ”˜GODVERSE’. A Universe where all is together that is not physical and enforced as ours is. An existence that is timeless and thus eternal in a paradigm of Super-Mind. An existence that those whom Kerner refers to as ”˜the great religious teachers’ (and I have no reason to disagree with him there) called Heavenly. It is a non-physical existence where no space or time exists. An existence in super-mind where all things are possible and are made to exist in a reality within its frame of reference as cogent and real as ours, yet with an absolute freedom and thus all knowledge. A knowledge that through its ultimate existential logic suggests permanent existence in a state of endless bliss and joy.  While it allows a view of any state of parts from the point of view of the whole it  however disallows the point of view of the whole from the point of view of the parts state. The election of this state is also allowed but the price is the possible entrapment in the part state by its very nature, to the total disaffection of the point of view itself. This election may be made deliberately or through the tacit expression of two ultimate countervailing poles he calls ”˜GODHEAD’ and ”˜FORCEHEAD’ in their interaction with each other. Kerner believes that this is how the Big Bang happened in the first place. In fact he believes that this is how all Universes are created in the first place.

If you cannot get out of this universe completely you will be stuck here and eventually break down your living individuality with the whole Universe. You will be in constant risk of break down in line with the momentum and power of the Second Law Of Thermodynamics (Entropy).

Kerner suggests that the clones (the taller aliens often seen by abductees in a seemingly supervisory role) and the ”˜roboids’ or biologically constructed and mechanistically contrived robots (the Grey aliens) were originally intended as remote probing devices, utilities created to explore the nature of existence and all threat in a physical universe of parts, much like we might send a robot we have created for the same reason in an unmanned space probe to explore the surface of Mars for instance. The ”˜Prime Beings’ (natural beings with a ”˜soul connection to the ”˜”˜GODVERSE”) on their planet of origin developed them in order to preserve their own status as living beings against the power of entropy. That technology and that reason eventually brought these aliens here.

Thus he suggests that the  alien visitors, with their advanced technology, are all like us, stuck here seeking a way to suspend that break down momentum both for themselves and for those whom Kerner believes to be their sponsors.

He believes that any alien being whose technology is superior enough to overcome the speed of light barrier by nullifying gravity makes the entire Universe their playground. You make a kind of mini worm -hole in space/time and can move from one part of the Universe to another in an instant. The original ”˜prime beings’ constructed a physical means to do this so that they could probe the Universe for a means of indefinite survival in this Universe just in case they could not make it back to the GOD the only way it can be done, by the natural means that the great religious teachers outlined on earth.  This ”˜physical means’ he speaks of is what we call ”˜flying saucers’.

The ”˜Song Of The Greys’ is a surmise that deals with the entire existential scale of an Omniverse. The author speculates on a scenario that provides a  warning to us all. A warning that we must never create robots with artificial intelligence. If we do we all run the risk of being taken out by our creations.

In the book Kerner quotes Professor of Cybernetics Kevin Warwick:

“Warwick himself admits that programming a moral code into robots not to harm humans would be extremely difficult since machine intelligence does not mirror human concepts: “we need to make it very simple. Even the concept of what is friendly and what is unfriendly is difficult”.  B.T. Laboratories Futurologist Ian Pearson, who, by the way, also said that he believed that Warwick’s time scale was a conservative one, has said that programming intelligent robots not to harm people would not work.  I believe that he is absolutely right, it simply cannot work for the reasons that I have already mentioned.”

Programming artificial intelligence involves a ”˜logical paradox’ as Kerner puts it, in their programming that cannot  be circumvented.  The paradox deals with the relationship between natural original beings,(Prime beings),  beings that are cloned from them (the Clones) and artificially manufactured biological robots with artificial intelligence (Roboids or a ”˜Greys’ as we call them).

Put simply the paradox says: If you create a robot with artificial intelligence and programme it to be fail-safe and thus self maintaining and you charge it with taking care of all possible threat to its creators, you had better be able to demarcate the total and entire difference between the creator and the created in a computer programme. If you do not do this properly the robot’s artificial intelligence will perceive the creator as the ultimate threat who can pull out its plug thus prompting it to take its creator out of existence as a perceived threat just in case this might be done. How do you explain abstracts and concepts such as emotions, feelings, free will, to a robot.  In other words how do you explain to a machine all that makes us different from a machine without compromising the programme that makes it worthwhile building a robot in the first place. You cannot, in other words, programme a ”˜soul’ into a robot.

Here’s a quote from the book:

“The further the Clones ventured to find the ultimate margins from which they could function, the more they got corrupted. The more they lingered in this Universe’s chaotic maelstrom the more, imperceptibly at first, but more apparently later, their instincts got tuned away from the naturally uniting features and properties of GODHEAD – Kerner’s word for GOD. They were endowed with this in mind at least, when they were first created by the Primary ADAM Beings. They slowly began to question their status against their parent creators. Difference as a principle became a threat. They noticed the one vital difference between them and their progenitors. As Clones they were subject to decay and disassembly faster than their creators. The Prime Beings within the ”˜refuge’ were not. They (the Clones) wondered why this was so. They wanted to be like the ADAM Beings. They had to know the mysterious  difference that made them subject to entropy wherever they were.  Their exposure to the Universe made them subject to this decaying dismantling process. They began to question their status. Exposure to the forces of the Universe made them deceitful and full of guile. These are words that only have such an implication to someone with a moral or ethical code. To the Clones emotionless intelligence it was the intelligent thing to do. They were utility beings and thus objectively totally expedient.”

This mysterious difference between the creators of the clones and roboids and the clones and roboids themselves is the reason for the alien preoccupation with humanity to this day. They are looking for that elusive quantity that they as purely physical beings can never know about – a ”˜soul’ that can survive beyond physical decay and death and access. the  ”˜Godverse’.

The final most startling conclusion is that the roboids are seeking to be living beings as we are. To stop harvesting DNA they have had to get by farming various species around the galaxy and harvesting them from time to time. It takes tens even hundreds of millennia to do Taking out whole groups of people through abduction. Getting their agents here on this planet to bring about wars and pandemics so that they may hijack human ”˜electro spatial’ fields (souls) as Kerner calls them and through their technology try to attach to them in death. The most chilling thing is Kerner’s idea that they are seeking an automatic process like being born to multiply themselves.  They are seeking something they can never have as artificial creations – a Soul.  Our souls. They have seen that a soul gives life itself. They are seeking to create hybrids of themselves with us and kind of steal our souls.  He defines a soul as the line of connection that came through with the Big Bang through which Godhead as he puts it feeds life and consciousness and conscience into all individual living beings. He believes the alien interlopers can never have a soul of their own. You have to come out of the ”˜Godverse’ to do this. They are trying to get a proxy one by attaching to ours. They are trying to steal not only our lives but our eternity. The price we and perhaps other life forms in our galaxy pay for their folly in wiping out their Prime Beings. Their natural beings who made them in the first place.

I was dumbfounded by the theory, its originality and its repercussions and it took me a long time to get my head around it. But in time it all made utter sense and came together spectacularly to account for so much, that it answered all the questions I had about the whole UFO phenomenon and  much of all that is going on in our own contexts locally as human beings on this planet. A stunning work of intellect and yes even literature and revelation, that accounts for so much, it will I am sure in time come to be regarded as one of the most influential books ever published. Every University student should have a copy on their bedside table. I am sorry to quote a particular book in this way but this work is so important and it is so comprehensive in its subject matter that I feel it is a must read for all who seek to understand the UFO phenomenon and indeed the general predicament of our species these days. But while Nigel Kerner’s book put the UFOs and most things connected with their derivation as a social and geo-political phenomenon in perspective I was more interested in his assertions to do with their religious and ”˜beyond this life’ repercussions.

”˜Song Of The Greys’ set me on to seek other confirmations and affirmations and I found these little by little through excellent books describing and discussing Near Death Experiences such as Peter Fenwick’s  ”˜The Truth in the Light’, Ian Wilson’s ”˜Life After Death’, Maurice Rawlings ”˜To Hell and Back’ and most recently Dr.Sam Parnia and Dr Peter Fenwick’s ground-breaking new book ”˜What Happens when we Die’.  As I read the common features of almost all NDEs Kerner’s description of the existential outlay was confirmed by each. Kerner points out the incongruity between a loving God and the concept of divine punishment. Those who experience NDEs often report a ”˜life review’ in which all the thoughts, feelings and actions of a whole lifetime seem to flash before them. They are often amazed that there is no sense of judgment for their wrong-doings only the knowledge that what they have done is based on a deficit in understanding which they will need to make up if they are to develop further. In his book Kerner puts forward his theory that in death we quantumize all our thoughts and actions in terms of work done into two primary momentums or drifts. The drift towards God if we have sincerely shown and acted in ways that bring things together through acting in ways that show kindness, caring, compassion, mercy, and tolerance (love) and of course we drift the other way towards the Universe of breaking up parts (our Universe) and thus the dissolution of our living individuality if we think and have shown and acted in ways that separate, divide, dismiss, and destroy (hate). It seems that every single thought and action has this momentum built into it. Increase the range, power of intent, and consistency of these thoughts and actions and the drift will intensify towards and away from God. A fascinating affirmation that is relevant to us all as human beings and all our tomorrows.

There are so many connecting associations with the subject of UFOs and we have to draw a line somewhere before we get into the territory of the fabulous. It is important we try to keep the subject on the most credible level possible. The premise must be set in relevance to our day to day lives. With so much in science questioning the old religious certainties of the past, it is marvellous to see these certainties are again somewhat affirmed with rational cogent and plausible analysis and experience set in a gel of intelligent rationale. My search turned my view of the world upside down and though the horrors it uncovered remain as a threat to us all in a physical sense to this day and beyond, there is enough implied with logic and reason for me to see that all is not lost to these creatures who are here to steal our future. Kerner’s book especially, together with the information we are getting from NDEs gave me great hope that these ET interlopers can never win if the power of human resourcefulness  can be set to ways that defend the mind and the will and make us all aware that our eternal legacy as living beings is set in another Universe totally unlike this one and therefore the only thing worth fighting for. No ET of the sort here has a place there if we know what they are about. They might take our lives, but they can never take our souls if we do not let them do it. They are in fact less than insects in individual living value. Proxy beings that need to be told that what they are trying to do can never succeed. The question remains. How do you explain the concepts of love, hate and God to a robot.

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