Abductee: New Alien Race Here to Help

 A UFO abductee from Brisbane, Australia has come forward claiming that just recently a new race of aliens has arrived to help the human race on Earth and investigate our bodies for genetic tampering.  Though it might sound a bit strange even for a UFO abduction report, this witness details an interesting narrative that seems to suggest there’s more going on in the world of UFO abductions than just aliens visiting Earth and altering DNA.  This witness actually suggests there may be a different alien race that has come to investigate the others.  And if this was the case, it seems to suggest a number of things that might change the very face of UFOlogy.

The witness, who submitted his report to the Mutual UFO Network, says that he was awoken in the middle of the night to the sound of chirping coming from his bedroom.  Looking around, he could see strange shapes suddenly moving about his room.  Soon four creatures approached his bed and introduced themselves as one, two, three, and four.  They told him they were there to help the human race and not to be afraid.  Though the creatures were extremely strange to the witness, he felt very calm and at peace.  Quickly he felt an overwhelming trust for these creatures.  The experience involved body scans with a handheld device.  One of the creatures scanned his internal organs with a device that had a screen on it showing his circulatory system.  The creature even tilted the machine up so the witness could see his own body pumping blood through his veins.  After a few moments of examination, the witness asked why they were there and the creature explained that they had arrived on Earth to investigate the possibility of DNA tampering.  As the night progressed the creatures returned him to his room and when the witness awoke he found that he had not slept well the previous night as he looked back on it, he couldn’t help but feel that the whole experience couldn’t have been a dream.  He had remembered his dreams many times over the years, and whatever this was, it was completely different.

It stands to reason if DNA alteration were to happen on Earth, as many peoples’ UFO scenarios suggest, then it would likely happen on other planets as well.  In fact, it would seem this would be fairly common practice on developing worlds if potential tamperers were not policed somehow by a unified group of creatures that valued the natural diversity of life.  And so if the creatures involved here in this account were to have a motive to protect the humans, then the collection of DNA suddenly seems to make more sense.  Of course this still doesn’t explain so many accounts of the abduction narrative where children and other offspring are shown to the abductees during subsequent abductions.  Still, this witness appears to have had a very strange and intriguing experience that defies explanation.