Abductee Reports Apocalyptic Future

A strange encounter coming through the Mutual UFO Network MUFON has brought forward some extremely strange and graphic images of the end of the world.  The events the witnesses described happened in 1992, but have stayed with them since that time and ultimately led them to this point when they feel it must be shared.  While the story is certainly an interesting read, the subject matter is also extremely apocalyptic in nature which has no doubt added to the controversy of the witness’ account.

It all began as they were driving through Louisiana when suddenly their car was approached by a mysterious hovering craft.  As the driver saw the object he immediately accelerated in the hopes of escaping the strange craft, but soon their vehicle was rendered inoperable through an unknown means.  The driver, an electronics expert and reportedly an engineer with the US Air Force watched alongside his passenger in abject terror as their vehicle suddenly lifted from the ground and began rising into the bulk of the ship.  At this point the witness told his passenger to calm down and their vehicle stopped after somehow being guided into the craft by an unknown means.

What the witness describes next is several beings wearing blue jumpsuits standing around their car.  The beings opened the car door and encouraged the witnesses to get out.  After a brief verbal altercation with the entities, they told the witness to calm down and that they would not harm them.  As the witness was guided about the craft, the mysterious beings told him of a catastrophe that would hit Earth soon if the human race didn’t change its ways and become warlike.  The beings described weapons that would in time prove powerful enough to destroy an entire planet and then more that would cause the disruption of an entire solar system and finally those that would cause quasars which would be capable of wiping out civilization all about them.  As the witness asked what was going on, the beings told him that the development of this quasar weapon would disrupt and even destroy life on their own planet and they would not allow a warlike planet to develop such a weapon.  As such the being informed the witnesses that the human race would be destroyed long before they developed this weapon unless they changed their ways.  Before departing, the witness discovered a book on the alien ship and asked if he could take it with him, which the beings agreed to but then soon after changed their minds.

The story sounds incredible, and certainly gives a sense of urgency that demands it not be ignored, but there are some equally mysterious similarities it bears to two major flying saucer references in popular culture.  The first is to Ed Wood’s science fiction tragedy Plan 9 from Outer Space in which aliens visiting from the stars tell witnesses they have been forced to intervene and destroy humanity because of a technological development they are expected to make that will destroy their home planet.  This is almost a mirror image of what the witness describes.  And the second is far more perplexing.  When the witness discovered a strange book on the ship and asked to take it with him, the alien beings first agreed to let him have it and then later told him he would have to leave it.  Almost exactly the same thing happened according to Betty and Barney Hill right down to agreeing that the witness could have the book only for their alien captors to change their minds at the last minute.