Accusations fly as ufologists air concerns

By Bill Cox FLORIDA TODAY – and – USA TODAY News Papers

June 28, 1987

Accusations fly as “ufologists” air concerns


“Information is available to anyone who knows what to ask for. I think the records are compelling, and yet most Americans aren’t even informed about it.”

Dale Goudie, UFO Information Service

WASHINGTON DC – Two million people watched two mammoth unidentified flying objects cruising at low altitudes between Argentina and Chile on the afternoon of Aug.17, 1985. Soil and vegetation samples underwent significant biochemical changes following a UFO landing at Trans en Provence, France, on Feb.8, 1981. After cataloging nearly 6,000 UFO’s over 40 years the Italian government in 1984 directed its Air Force to keep a lid on the investigations. Such claims were made here Saturday by UFO investigators from around the planet as the International Symposium on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena entered its second day. The meeting, at the American University, drew more then 400 people, along with representatives of an assortment of media, including Penthouse magazine, the Voice of America, Strange Magazine, Omni magazine. The Soviet news agency Tass, WKSG-FM in Detroit and the People’s Daily news paper of China. They registered to hear international speakers from as far away as Australia and Great Britain accuse their respective governments of UFO cover-ups. Mr. Dale Goudie of Seattle Washington, displaying documents that report on Air Force investigation of a purported UFO landing at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico in 1980, asserted he was getting support from a handful of congressional leaders to conduct hearings on the phenomenon. “We are not going after these things as UFO’s” Goudie said, distributing documents that he obtained through the Free Of Information Act and that were compiled by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Goudie said, “We’er going after it as a national security problem,” If these bases were indeed penetrated — as they apparently were — then the NSA ( National Security Agency ) should have interpreted that as an aggressive act, as an act of war. ” This information is available to anyone who knows what to ask for,” Goudie said. “I think the records are compelling, and yet most Americans aren’t even informed about it. For some reason, the mass media is reluctant to pursue this thing and I don’t understand why. Tom Dooley of San Antonio, who said he worked for the NSA from 1978 to 1982, also voiced concern over the alleged UFO penetrations of Kirtland. “Yes, it does disturb me,” he said. Not because there were necessarily these UFO’s that got in but because it means that anything could get away with something like that. Dooley said the NSA isn’t involved with collecting UFO data. I’m sure if they were so concerned about flying saucers, they would’ve said something to me about it, he said I was a founding secretary for the Fund For UFO Research back in 1978. I made no secrets about it. I even had bumper stickers pasted on my locker. The premise at the symposium this weekend has been that UFOs do exist. In paying homage to the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a former Air Force investigator and UFO skeptic-turned-believer, Temple University historian David Jacobs said Hynek’s death last year marking the end of an era. If a new era is emerging in “ufology” -the study of UFO’s -it is concerned with the recent and prevalent accounts of people having been abducted for short periods by alien beings, some say. “Now, we’re in a situation of looking back at the external characteristics of the phenomenon we’ve compiled over 40 years, and looking ahead to the motivations of the intelligence behind the phenomenon,” Jacobs said. We are on the verge of an intellectual breakthrough of incalculable….importance. For Zhang Yunwen, a Washington D.C. correspondent for China’s People’s Daily, the UFO symposium was too good a story to pass up. “No I have no information on attitudes of our government on the UFO’s,” Zhang said. I don’t think our government is involved. But I do believe readers in China are interested in this. It’s not religious, it’s not superstitious – it’s a mystery. You can be skeptical about this, but I think there are quite a few good sightings which need some kind of research.


Washington D.C.

Press Conference

The UFO Information Service from Seattle, Washington gave a press conference in Washington D.C. on the 25th of June, 1987 at the National Press Club, to show cause to have “Congressional Hearings” open hearings, concerning landings of UAO’s, “Unauthorized Aerial Objects” sometimes referred to as UFO’s, meaning Unidentified Flying Objects, in or about “Top Military Air Bases” and to show the press that the military men on these bases described the UAO’s that landed as round disk shaped objects.

CUFON, and the UFO Information Service, uses the term of UAO or UAO’s. What then is a UAO and just what does that mean:

A UAO, is or was a UFO, but after all investigations and all analysis have been done and it shows that the object or objects are real and solid then it becomes a UAO, an Unauthorized Aerial Object, another words you can no longer call it an “Unknown or Unknowns” or even Unidentified Flying Object, UFO. This is because you know or have already identified it by the investigation and analysis and proved that it was real and was there, so it then becomes or is “Unauthorized”

Dale D. Goudie Director of UFO Information Service


– B L U E P E A C E –

BLUE PEACE: Blue peace, is a new organization which will be taken over all operations of trying to get “congressional Hearings” open hearings concerning this subject matter of Military and Government cover-up. Blue Peace, is NOT a UFO organization peruse but is a Civilian interest organization. There will be more information up- coming on Blue Peace, in the next few weeks and also what it will take to become a member of this organization. There will soon be two CUFON, mother system on line. This meaning two phone number that can be used at the same time. One will be set to run at 300 Baud and the other will run at 1200 Baud bps. We are thinking of running them both at 300 and 1200 baud bps. We will let all members and uses know when this service starts. Once again thank you, for supporting CUFON, & UFO Information Service. Also “Blue Peace” will be putting out a new Journal, the name of this Journal will be called “The Journal For Blue Peace” This journal will have all types of information for this subject matter and others a long with upcoming information on trying to get these “Congressional Hearings” held.

BLUE PEACE, will need all the help they can get to bring about these hearings so please support this cause in the interests of “truth” concerning this very important subject matter.

PLEASE NOTE: Blue Peace is not a new age movement or new age organization, but blue peace is to get the truth out to people who would like or who should know the truth about this subject matter and how it relates to them as Americans, and to others people of the world.


**** E N D ****

The Seattle Times Friday, May 8, 1987

60,000 sightings can’t be wrong, Seattle insists “The bottom line is: Don’t believe me, but do read what is available.” Dale Goudie

By Peter Lewis Times Staff Reporter


In their most commonly reported from, the aliens have large heads and stand 3 to 4 feet tall. Their enormous egos rest under a transparent helmet. Clad in jumpsuits adorned with insignias, the humanoids walk in sure, positive movements. Far out, Maybe so, but that’s where they probably come from. And Seattle resident Dale Goudie has talked to people who say they’ve seen them. Goudie has spent the past 14 years researching UFOs and using the Freedom of Information Act to collect federal documents that he contends prove UFOs exist.

The official position of the U.S. Air Force, for example, is that it got out of the UFO business when Project Bluebook ended in 1969. But Goudie says the Bluebood was succeeded by Project Aquarius. Since 1942, there have been an estimated 60,000 UFO sightings in the United States alone and only 5 percent of sightings are actually reported, Goudie says. Feeding characteristics of the 60,000 sightings into a computer, 250 different shapes emerged, suggesting to Goudie that there may be more than one species involved in UFOs. “The bottom line is: Don’t believe me, but do read what is available.” says Goudie, who has dedicated a room in his home to countless files and papers on UFOs. “That the real problem is, no one wants to take the responsibility of telling the American public this (UFOs) is real.” Consider a series of once classified material on Project Aquarius: A Air Force document dated Nov. 17, 1980 from the Office of Special Investigations at Rolling Air Force Base in Washington, D.C., to OSI at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico refers to a “request for photo imagery interpretation.”

Other papers indicate that the request stemmed from a series of “alleged sightings of unidentified aerial lights” over the Manzano Weapons Storage Area at Kirtland between Aug. 8 and Sept. 3, 1980. An analysis of at least two pictures of t he sightings concluded that the film was unaltered and that they were “legitimate negative(s) of (an) unidentified areial object,” according to the Nov. 17,1980 , document.Of the two confirmed sightings, one “contained a trilateral insignia on the lower portion of objects…” The document also states : “The official U. S. government policy and results of Project Aquarius is still classified top secret with no dissemination outside official intelligence channels. …Because of a chance of public disclosure, no knowledgeable personnel with SPA (it’s not clear if SPA stands for Special Project Aquarius, or something else) will be provided…” But another Air Force document dated Jan. 25,1983, says “possible unauthorized release of classified material” cast doubt on the authenticity of the Nov 17,1980, document. The later document says the earlier one included nonexistent officers, and it sought to discredit the vanity of the purported imagery interpretation. When a Freedom of Information request letter dated Feb. 20,1986, sought information on Project Aquarius, the National Security Agency responded, in part,with a letter dated March 3, 1986: “Please be advised that Project Aquarius does not deal with unidentified aerial objects. We, therefore, have no information to provide you on the subject.” But when Sen. John Glenn wrote the National Security Agency on Jan. 7 of this year on behalf of a constituent who was having trouble getting responses to Freedom of Information requests about Project Aquarius , the reply letter, dated Jan. 27, said in part:”Apparently there is or was an Air Force project by that name which dealt with UFOs. Coincidentally, there is also an NSA project by that name. The NSA project does not deal with UFOs….” It is Goudie’s connection that the responses about Project Aquarius demonstrate the government is saying one thing and doing another. He theorizes that the government is reluctant to admit the existence of even one UFO because as soon as it does, it fears opening the door to mass hysteria. Spokesmen for the Pentagon, the Air Force and the National Security Agency either declined comment or denied that any government agency is actively investigating UFOs. The Air Force quit studying UFOs in 1969 after a $500,000 study conducted by the University of Colorado concluded that “UFO phenomena do mot offer a fruitful field in which to look for major scientific discoveries,” according to Capt. Jay DeFrank. DeFrank noted that in 1977,President Carter asked the National Aeronautic and Space Administration to look into the possibility of resuming active investigation of UFOs. This is the same man who in 1973, when he was governor of Georgia, said “I don’t laugh at people anymore when they say they have seen UFOs because I’ve seen one myself.” NASA spokesman Dave Garrett recalls that agency’s response to the president: “We said, ‘Thank you, but no thank you.’ We have never been in the business.” Dennis Chadwick, chief spokesman for the National Security Agency at Fort George Meade in Maryland, an arm of the pentagon, would not say whether NSA or any other government agency is actively investigating UFOs. Goudie, a 45-year-old freelance ad man and former TV talk-show producer, is not deterred by the government’s stance. Two years ago, he established a computerized UFO bulletin board- CUFON (for Computer UFO Network)- that has more than 1,400 members .It spits out information, free of charge, to anyone with a computer and a modem . He also runs UFO Information Service International, a global network of UFO sightings, and Puget Sound Aerial Phenomena Research Inc. None of these enterprises, he says, is a money-making operation. Goudie says he and others like him have been helped in their many Freedom of Information requests by military personal who want the public to know about UFOs, but who can’t afford to be named.

Many of the documents he’s obtained indicate that “suspicious unknown air activity” has occurred at top-security military installations where nuclear weapons are stored. The documents relating to UFOs dropping in on Air Force bases have been published elsewhere – and professional skeptics such as Phillip Klass, an editor with “Aviation Week & Space Technology,” have written books debunking the authenticity of those and others sightings. But Goudie notes the government itself has never volunteered any information, much less any explanations, about UFOs at military bases. “You can explain anything away,” says Goudie, referring to Klass and the other debunkers. “But thewe aren’t solid answers.” Goudie also says he has consulted with “optical physicists” who have performed “video-negative photoanalysis” of videotapes of UFOs to substantiate that the object are not of this earth. Goudie also says he has interviewed about 40 people over the years who claim to have been abducted by UFOs. All occurred in rural areas, including some episodes outside Redmond, in Maple Valley and north of Seattle. He thinks about three-fourths of them are telling the truth. In many cases, the victims have suffered physical scars that they didn’t have before their encounter, Goudie says. “I’ve tried to get these people to come forward. They don’t want anything t o do with newspapers. They’re scared to death of losing their jobs…” Considering the threat to national security and the rest to civilians, Goudie believe s the government has an obligation to be more forthcoming. You don’t have to look to far away places for physical evidence of UFOs, according to Goudie. He ha s a videotape of an object flying over Tacoma in 1982, enhance by a process known as “video photo analysis” which allows the viewer to see vertical and horizontal lines within what Goudie calls “the plasma” that covers the true shape with in. He expects the video to air on Sunday’s “Town Meeting” on KOMO. Television , specifically a Dick Cavett show that aired in 1973, started Goudie’s preoccupation with UFOs. He’s since appeared on CNN’s Larry King Show and CBS-TV network news shows, among others. He spent countless hours and dollars pursuing UFOs.

His goal, he says is to see the subject become an area of serious scientific inquiry. “I’m doing it because I think people deserve the facts, and no one’s taking the time to do it.”