Adm and Eve – The Work Of Extraterrestrials

On The Creation of Humankind.

by Edgar Wenfuller


I was first abducted by a race of extraterrestrials in July, 1999. I was given various messages through numerous abductions which lasted until 2002. I have written down my experiences and this is one of them.

The Message Given to Me on Nov. 2001

Eons ago an advanced race of extraterrestrials called The Demiurge of Light came to planet Earth. These beings saw primitive man and choose to embark on a task to advance this gender.

The Demiurge of Light set up their lab and begain to experiment, after many trials and errors man as we know it today was created. The gifts of intellect and speech were given to us by these majestic beings, through their combining primative man’s DNA with their own DNA.

The extraterrestials explained to their first man, Adam that he was to tame and breed animals for food and use their skin/fur for clothes. After this the beings created more advanced men based on the Adam-design and placed them on Earth to roam about with Adam the first advanced man. These men were not susceptible to disease or death.

Pleased with their work The Demiurge of Light bid farwell and traveled to other planets, creating more beings. It so happened that The Demiurge of Darkness made their way in this Solar System and searched from the outer planet Pluto until they found our planet Earth inhabited with men and animals.

Adam not having seen any of his creators since they left him which was about ten years since they departed Earth was pleased to see another metallic flying saucer land. Adam was to be deceived because the Demiurge of DARKNESS looked like the Demiurge of LIGHT, both races of extraterrestrials came from the same bloodline, they both had almond shaped eyes, humanoid, about 5′ 6” tall, peach colored skin, and blond hair.

These evil Demiurge instead of creating advanced species, destroy them. Now Adam and the other Adamic men were not informed that they were immortal, they inquired to the Demiurge of Darkness on why they do not breed like the animals in the field.

The Evil beings seized this opportunity and told them that they can make them mates to breed with. The Adamic men agreed an the first advanced man Adam was taken aboard their flying saucer and they extracted a rib from him. They modified the DNA and changed it to be a woman, they then put it in a chamber and advanced it’s growth. After the growth was completed in the few minutes it took they brought the woman to Adam and woke him up.

Adam was delighted at this sight and took her out to meet the other men. A Demiurge of Darkness followed behind and declared other women would soon emerge out of their spacecraft. Adam named the first woman Eve which means Life since she would be able to give him offspring.

Now, each of the men did receive a woman but all these women were made to bring about the death of men. Even Eve was one of these type of women. The Demiurge of Evil had injected each of the women with a virus to modify the DNA in mankind to make them mortal and susceptible to diseases. This is why men were able to live hundreds of years until it was brought down to less than one hundred years now because the virus worked slowly, changing every genetic code in the cells of the body.