The doubt which most of us normally would have is “Are we the only Living Planet in the Universe” The answer to which is not yet known to Mankind. The fact about UFOs exist is undeniable. Thousands of sightings about strange lights performing impossible maneuvers that earth-bound aircraft could never accomplish have been reported for many years. Mostly the world’s governments deny the reality of their existence, and blame the sightings on the satellites, natural aerial phenomenon, the planets, swamp gas, weather balloons or if not any “mass hysteria”.


Whether we accept the racially prejudiced, media perspective, or your logics, there is one ultimate authenticity that we are not alone in this universe”¦. Aliens do Exists.


In my wits the universe like Earth has to be cyclic, so that in one galaxy if there is a planet living has become impossible, you will have to find a new place to live which is fit for habitation. This leads to the most inevitable question “Why not a different galaxy?”


A planet that has just formed like our very own is perfect for habitation. I don’t find any reason why a technically advanced living form cannot consider Earth as a New Home.


Aliens their existence, their contact with the human race and life on our planet can be traced back as far as history goes.

What do they want from our planet? There could be three main reasons:

1 They want to make Earth as their Home and utilize our resources.

2 They could be space explorers looking over us (like a scientist studying rats for their experiment)

3 They want to interact with the human race and exist in the universe as one big family, but because of our nature not to accept such a shock, they may be manipulating us so that we will accept their existence.


Now the million dollar question – Has Aliens has ever visited Earth? Over the years there have been various cases about Alien Abduction.


There are various claims about being abducted by Aliens, tested and genetically altered their brain, which control esp, telepathy, etc; to become active. This could lead to the human species being able to interact on a higher level of consciousness, see the futile practices of worshipping gods and fighting wars. There is also a speculation about manipulation of the human species (i.e. hybrids, crosses of aliens and humans are being made) so that they will be able to live amongst us without our knowing.

I strongly believe if the aliens were hostile, and wanted our planet for any for any of their reasons, they would have taken it away from us centuries ago due to their better technology.


The UFO problem is real, thus the Alien Problem is also real one. Military personnel around the world for more than fifty years have kept this matter in secrecy. Till date enough proof has been seen to believe in ET. If there is an Alien attack all we can hope is that there is MIB to protect us.