Alien Abduction: 1967: Betty Andreasson

With new headlines, books, and movies, such as ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind,’ alien abductions were a popular topic of discussion for people during the 1960s and 1970s. In 1961, one of the first cases centered on alien abductions involved Betty and Barney Hill. In this article, you will learn of the case of Betty Andreasson, which followed one of the most attention-getting takes of alien abductions.  

Betty Andreasson

In the town of South Ashburnham, Massachusetts, Betty Andreasson’s life changed on the night of January 25, 1967. It all started when Betty was in her kitchen around 6:30pm. In the living room, her mother, father, and seven children were settled in. All of a sudden, the lights in the house began to blink and a red light shot through the window of the kitchen.

The blinking lights scared Betty’s kids and she rushed over to comfort them. The red beam caught the attention of her father, who ran over to the kitchen window to see what caused such a disturbance. He reported that five odd-looking creatures were hopping towards the house. He recalled that the creatures walked through the wooden door of the kitchen. At this time, family members recall being put in a sort of trance.  Betty’s father stated that one of the creatures attended to him, while Betty remembers having telepathic conversations with the creatures.

Judging by its size, Betty and her father viewed one of the creatures as being the ‘leader,’ a he measures about 5 feet tall and was one foot taller than the rest. Descriptions of the creatures included the following recollections:

·    Wide eyes
·    Small ears
·    Small nose
·    Pear-shaped head
·    Slits for mouths
·    Used their minds for communication
·    Three-fingered hands
·    Wore blue coveralls with a wide belt
·    Seemed to float along instead of walk

During the entire encounter with Betty and her father, her children and mother were stuck in a state of suspended animation. When Betty showed concern, one of the creatures released her 11-year-old daughter from the trance to illustrate that they were OK. Soon after, Betty was taken to a spacecraft that was positioned on a hill located outside of her residence. Betty described the craft as measuring about 20 feet in diameter and it was indeed in the shape of a saucer.