Alien Abduction

Jacobs: “Basically what people say is, that they are abducted out of their normal environment and are taken into this object, their clothes are taken off, they are given a physical examination of an unusual variety,  and here we go plunging into the bizarre, but this is what is reported by virtually everyone  they have a sperm and/or an egg sample taken from them and they are then subjected to a variety of other procedures  sometimes they are presented with extraordinary- looking, little babies, uhh, strange looking beings that they are required to hold and then they are sometimes given machine examinations – placed inside machines and so forth, and then they are released. Now, a lot of other things happen, but they do not always happen at every occasion”. Host: “Do they describe how the sperm and egg samples are taken?” Jacobs: well, eggs are taken internally, with certain very carefully described instruments. Sperm is collected strictly mechanically. There are are actually three or four different kinds of devices, basically they are all the same though, and oftentimes the man doesn’t even know what is happening, it’s a very quick procedure. What you are looking at primarily here is an extraordinary convergence of story and detail, a richness of detail that is impossible to understand other than through objective reality. People begin to describe certain things within the abduction – phenomenon that have never, ever been publicized and that they would simply not know to invent. They all essentially say the same thing, over and over again… and they’ll say things and look at me inquiringly and say, “has anybody else ever reported anything like this?” .. and of course I’ve already heard it 200 times.. and it’s just an extraordinary situation. Now physically, when people think they have had an abduction experience, they might first of all say that there was a missing time experience, they cannot account for two hours of their life. For instance they’ll travel from work to home and they know it takes 12 minutes each way and they’ve been doing it for years and then one day it takes two ~hours~ and 12 minutes and they are at a loss to explain this, it seemed perfectly seemless to them. Well, in every one of these situations of missing time, the people have actually ~been~ missing. It’s not a situation where they claim it, and then independent investigation has revealed that they were down at the corner bar bending the old elbow. In fact, people have called the police, because of missing children, search parties have been organized looking for people, there has been every evidence to suggest that people are not in place. The problem here is that if it is not an objective event, then it is automatically internally generated – people are just dreaming it up for whatever reason. But the psychological and the psychiatric community have been unable to account for how this could possibly be, and there is no precedent for it in psychological or psychiatric literature – and most psychologists and psychiatrists and therapists of all types who have confronted this, have simply drawn a blank. It does not ~seem~ to be imaginary, it does not ~seem~ to be internally generated”. (Lengthy Betty Hill clip, continuing the abduction experience) Host: Betty and Barney Hill’s abduction was the first ever reported. That was 29 years ago. There have been so many reported abductions since, that investigators are able to point to what ~they~ see as an amazing similarity among these stories. All have the same sorts of events. Aliens that look the same, the same physical examinations and so on. A key element here is that certain features of these stories are withheld from the public. That makes it much more difficult for anyone to fake an abduction story. But it’s frustrating. We’d all like to know what some of these ~secret~ features are. But you can’t ask the researchers to reveal them… can you? Dr. David Jacobs.” Jacobs: Sure you can. There’s so many of them, there’s so little that is known about this subject in the public that it’s just an extraordinary situation. For instance, one of the things that people describe that can now be revealed… as they say .. is the fact that when they leave their car or their house or their bedroom or wherever they are during an abduction event, they say something extraordinary, sort of amazing that makes no sense whatsoever and they all seem to say this. They say that they float up into the air and they appear to be floating directly through a closed window. Now, this is an extraordinary thing or course, and it’s outrageous and unbelievable on the face of it. yet they ~all~ say it, and they ~all~ realize when they are saying it that it sounds crazy, and we have carefully, carefully questioned them about whether they stopped first and opened the window and the screen and the whole business… we don’t have any cases of them opening the window, they ~all~ say that they do this.. every one of them… and the question is, why would they say this, this is a dumb thing to say… this is a thing to say that will obviously point to some sort of imagination or a hoax. But they’re all fairly adamant that that’s what happens. We don’t of course, understand what is happening here completely, this is a little detail that just has not been published before. Host: Don’t you think I could come to you Dr. Jacobs knowing the little I know about abduction stories. read a few more, then come to you and say .. look. I had this strange experience, make up a bunch of details and make a convincing story?” Jacobs: Well, there are two ways to deal with that. Number one, 90 percent of the abduction phenomenon has not been publicized, so you’d have to bee on target pretty good {chuckling} it’s very tough to do. You’d be amazed how difficult it is. In fact, I teach one of the few … the only course actually on UFO’s in the United States at a major university. I will tell students… give them an assignment if they wish, to make up an abduction event and I will tell them they can read anything that they want.. it doesn’t matter, and I want them to tell me several facts that ~all~ abductees say ~all~ the time, without exception.. just to see it they can hit it. In the four years I’ve been doing this, no one has hit it yet. What we are finding with the abduction phenomenon is that is an extremely routinized, highly structured event. Certain things happen to people and that’s all .. in other words, people don’t describe going up .. and then your sort of all over the place… y’know they don’t describe getting out the scrabble set and playing alien scrabble and that sort of stuff.. they don’t describe sitting down for a royal meal .. and they don’t describe watching tv with the boys. There is a whole range of things that are never, ever described. What ~is~ described is very, ~very~ narrow, and very, very structured. You have to go where the evidence leads you. I think that people are actually describing experiences that have befallen them. I think that aliens are in fact taking human beings….. I must say Jay, (Jay Ingram – program host) that I don’t like this business. I find it extremely disturbing, very depressing. I wish that I had not found this and I wish that ~all~ researchers had not found this. But we have found it. I think we have to start coming to terms with this on a fairly serious basis, even though this is about as way out as one can get in this society these days. ———————————————————————- I don’t know if what David Jacobs says in the documentary squares with what you’ve heard of him in the past, but this is his position at this moment. I hope the information has proven useful to you and others reading. Cheers, Bryce — . Titan|um Knight Mail: [email protected] Amiga 1200 – AGA chipset