Alien Abductions: Betty and Barney Hill Part 1

It all starts on the evening of September 19th when husband and wife, Barney and Betty, begin making their way back home after vacationing in Canada and northern New York. Traveling along Route 3, the pair was heading for their home in New Hampshire. During the trip, Betty noticed something following them at a distance from behind their vehicle. She noted that it was a bright light. Barney dismissed the light as a satellite, bright star, or even an aircraft on its way to the Pease Air Force.

However, the two started to notice that the unidentified object was moving strangely in the sky. At times, it would speed up and then slow down. It also went up and down in odd patterns. The movements were piquing their curiosity and they finally decided to get out of the car, take the dog out for a walk, and catch a closer look at the object with the help of a pair of binoculars.

Before Barney exited the car, he reached for his pistol just in case a large creature came out of the woods. After a walk with the dog, he was convinced that the object in the sky was normal. He reported back to his wife that nothing unusual was detected. However, she wasn’t too easy to convince, as she had just heard of a story involving a UFO from her sister.

As they continued to drive down the road, Betty watched the object in the sky. She claimed that the object would come closer to their car and then move further away, as if on purpose. Then, out of the blue, the UFO reached a speed faster than usual and descended directly in front of the car. It was hovering about 20 feet in the air and caused the married couple to stop their car. Barney told Betty to remain in the car, while he took his gun and binoculars with him as he stepped out of the car for a closer look.

Barney claims that as he approached the object, he could see a group of unidentified creatures that looked like humans behind a large window of the ‘ship.’ He was instantly startled and ran back to his car. They started to drive off quickly. Barney told his wife to keep her eye on the UFO and update him on where it was and how fast it was going. The pair started to hear a ‘beeping’ sound that they likened to a microwave. Their vehicle started to vibrate and then it stalled.

They finally got home, but when they did , they felt a bit odd and couldn’t really remember what happened after they started hearing the beeping sound. After the incident, Barney noted that the strap from his binoculars was ripped and that Betty’s dress was torn. There was also a pink-colored powder found all over her garments. They called the Pease Air Force Base to report the incident but they were told that they probably had seen Jupiter in the sky since it was particularly bright in the sky that evening.

Days passed by and a man who represented the Air Force Base contacted the Hills. They underwent an extensive interview. When they told their story, a tale surfaced consisting of an alien spacecraft, contact with the unexplainable, and abduction.