Alien Abductions: Betty and Barney Hill Part 2

Ever since the incident, Betty was suffering terrible nightmares that consisted of being probed and touched by force. The dreams grew so disturbing that Betty decided to pay a visit to a hypnotist. Her husband attended the session with her as well. They were both interested in seeing what the hypnotist could possibly draw out of their minds regarding their experience.  

The session of hypnosis revealed a memory of Betty speaking with aliens about what was happening to her. She remembered that they spoke to her in a calm voice that sounded ‘scientific.’ She recalled that the aliens told her that they were only going to do a few tests. Her recollection of the experience was compared to the kind of physical one would have if they visited their doctor for a regular check-up. Betty’s nose, ears, and eyes were checked. Samples of her nails and skin were taken. They checked her heart and she recalled a large machine where other tests concerning her internal body parts were conducted through.

The hypnotist also found that Betty referred to certain aliens by nicknames that she came up with, such as the ‘examiner’ and the ‘leader.’ She said that she had asked the aliens where they were from and that they had revealed a map of the star system. She even asked if she could take home something to remember the encounter. At first, they obliged, but then changed their mind and took back a book they seemed to have wanted to give her.

Barney also underwent hypnosis. His memories consisted of being grabbed and that the strap on his binoculars became torn in the process as he tried to flee. He recalled that after he was subjected to the basic tests , the same as his wife , they were intrigued by the fact that his teeth could be removed unlike his better half. He also had extra samples taken, including his semen. The pair agreed that they were let go at the same time.

Following the hypnosis session, the Hills were asked to draw an image of the aliens. In addition to the depiction of the aliens, Betty was asked to draw out the star system she had seen in the map that the aliens had. At first, this was an unknown system in the sky, but has since been located by astrologers. The two pictures of the aliens that the Hills drew were quite similar. The couple also told nearly identical stories. As an increasing amount of people inquired about the Hills, they wanted to know everything, They even ran tests on a sample of the pink powder found on her dress that she gave pieces to scientists.

Today, the couple is no longer living, but their tale of alien abduction is one that will remain in history as one of the first accounts of such contact with unidentifiable creatures.