Alien Abductions- What do these guys want?

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You know there are some questions that always bug me when I read books about alien abduction and visitation. What do these guys want from us? Why do they bother to abduct the same person more than once, what are they looking for that they can’t get in one examination? Why do they abduct so many people when one abduction would give them a sample of us? Their technology and technological intelligence is obviously way in advance of ours so what do we have that they don’t have at their eight little fingertips?

I ‘ve just finished reading an amazing book called ‘The Song of the Greys’ by an author I hadn’t heard of before , Nigel Kerner and I think I’ve found the answer. The Greys, says Kerner, are after more than what we can physically offer them, they are after our SOULS!!!!!!

I first heard about the book from a short review written by Nick Redfern http://www.ufomystic.com/the-redfern-files/the-song-of-the-greys  I’ve read many books about the subject, all the classics, Budd Hopkins, Jacques Vallee, David Jacobs, John Mack etc. These books are credible, well put together and give enough evidence to suggest that these little grey guys are real. But Kerner’s book is exciting because he also tries to explain what these visitors are, how they came to be in the first place and what they might be up to with us.

There is a murky mire full of books written by authors giving their take on all of this sometimes with cranky pseudo-spiritual ideas- yawn!!!! But Kerner actually backs up his stuff with both scientific evidence and ancient texts.  To explain the behaviour of the Greys as we’ve seen it so far, he gives his take on how they came to be. That involves also explaining how we came to be. It’s not Evolution or Creation, says Kerner, instead it’s ‘Devolution’. We devolved from something much, much better than we are now and the next step from our human state is the ape. We don’t come from primates we go on to become them. “Our species as with all living species in the Universe is devolving down as the Universe breaks down in line with the second law of thermodynamics (Entropy).”

If you make a movie of a bottle smashing and play it backwards you will see all the tiny pieces reassembling into a bottle. In the same way, Kerner says, if you trace the universe back to the point of the Big Bang back you would logically have to start at a state of perfect order. He calls that state the ‘God-verse’, a state of perfection where there is no limit and therefore perfect freedom.  In that perfect freedom the potential to not be perfectly free has to exist too. We made that choice and that’s why we’re here. So God is no puppet master. If Kerner presented him that way I’d have probably stopped reading, the mainstream religious dogma suggesting that God created us and put us in an imperfect state where suffering was possible has always infuriated me.    

Where then do the Greys come into all of this? Well Kerner says the Greys are real, physical, actual entities, robots, or as he calls them, ‘roboids’, running according to a programme. The difference between us and the Greys is the fact that we have a ‘soul’ and he defines that ‘soul’ as a line of connection, a line of descent if you like, from the ‘God-verse’. The Greys were made by civilizations perhaps on other planets, as a kind of probe to seek out danger in a hostile universe. These civilizations were the first beings who came into the universe and were not yet as physically substantial as we are now. They were kind of like angels, ephemeral and without bodies to experience the physical world. So to start with they made remote bodies, a bit like clones, to probe and explore the features of a physical universe, these might, says Kerner, be the taller aliens seen by abductees. As living things these ‘clones’ were vulnerable and broke down.  So the hard-wearing inorganic Greys were made to look after them and scout for danger. They were programmed to keep the clones alive and kicking.

Unfortunately there was one thing they couldn’t programme into a Grey and that was the nature of a soul line of connection to the Godverse. You can’t programme something that’s not physical! Thus the whole abduction scenario, involving all manner of genetic experimentation, is, says Kerner, aimed at discovering the nature of ‘soul’ and how it can be tapped into and used by soul-less being that is completely subject to the decaying momentums of a physical universe. Unwittingly these first beings created a mechanism that was to curse all being that stayed in the physical universe and devolved down. Kerner feels that the vast majority of expressions of being into the Universe went back to the God-verse as soon as they discovered its dangers. A few got trapped owing to the chaotic nature of the Universe and we were amongst them or we would not be here today.

His whole argument rests on what I think is a pretty simple point, in fact I’ve been kicking myself that I didn’t see it before: If the whole direction of the universe is to break things down into more random and chaotic states how do living systems with all the finely tuned ordered mechanisms that allow life to happen spring up out of that chaos?  Kerner concludes there must be a momentum going the other way, a momentum for order. That momentum comes from us through our soul lines of connection to the ‘God-verse’ and that connection is what the Greys are after.  I’ve read several near death experiences that sound just like alien abductions, perhaps that’s what these are all about too. I am of course only talking about those NDEs which mirror the abduction process the majority of NDEs mirror something opposite to this.

Kerner says that the biggest irony is they can’t with physical means get a handle on something that’s not physical but they don’t realize that because they only understand the physical. So the tragedy lies in the damage they do in trying to reach what they can’t reach. Converting us, via abduction and genetic manipulation, to be more like them in the vain hope that they can bridge into our souls that way. Making us, in other words, more like machines.

Kerner’s take on what ‘soul’ might be and how the Greys are searching for it switched the lights on for me. If you’re interested in reading the book I got it from the website www.songofthegreys.com . It was first printed ten years ago so it’s hard to get copies anywhere else. I can’t recommend this book strongly enough. In fact I’d go so far as saying we all need to read it. It’s great to read something original for once that’s not just a rehash of everyone else’s ideas.