Alien attack

The very thought of an alien attack by visitors from beyond brings to mind machinery, humanoids and spectacular flying saucers. Our planet has on record a number of extra terrestrial sightings of aliens and their space ships or as we prefer to call them , unidentified flying objects. Even as many of us speculate on the idea, for those who have put them on record, they are absolutely real. Most of these sightings are reported from far-from-urbanization locales and by avid believers in the theory. The prospect of an attack on the planet by aliens or extra terrestrials is very alluring to the world of fiction, both on the celluloid and in books. 

Alien attack, alien presence and the sightings of the unidentified flying objects, as much as they are being denied by authorities with NASA, the records are increasing in content every year. Many night sky watchers have even clicked much publicized photographs of the unidentified flying objects and even aliens. Hazy though, the pictures confirm the notions of believers. It cannot be denied that amidst all the denial by science and NASA, they are indulging in study of the space that engulfs planet earth. The fact that ours is not the only planet or galaxy has sent them on a race to discover the sustenance of life elsewhere. What started with a landing on our natural satellite the moon, is now furthered with interest in going beyond and exploring the possibilities of life on other planets and galaxies. 

Alien attack is quite some food for thought for the courageous, but even if there is no physical evidence or proof of the same, we cannot deny the mint we have opened in their names , the aliens! The notion has been well capitalized by many toy manufacturers and the gaming industry all over the world. Film makers have captured the idea on the big screen and have left the audience gaping at the figures created for effect. From human like senses and appendages to multi limbed and ferocious creatures, we have seen them all. One thing that reporters of the various sightings and the human understanding of aliens have in common is the fact that they are more powerful than humans. They have been credited with supernatural powers on and off screen and also the power to communicate effectively, via telepathy. 

Whether or not these ideas are for real, our little ones and teenagers sure have a whale of a time saving the planet from alien attack and sending back their flying machines , the unidentified flying objects. There are dedicated toy manufacturers all over the world who keep releasing upgraded versions of surreal inter galactic wars and alien escapades. Every development within the industry is to add to the already supernatural features of the alien visitors and include a little of the records mad available by avid night sky watchers. The graphics and sounds of the games available for play within the technology of the various consoles are absolutely amazing. Alien attack has been blown up on the big screen in box office grosser like ET-Extra Terrestrial, Star Wars, Independence Day and the popular idiot box extravaganza , Star Trek.