Alien Breeding

Why are we still stuck on deciding whether aliens exist or not. There are many people who have actually come across aliens. They confirm that they were forced to have sex with male counter parts who were supposed to be aliens. Many have stated that they have actually given birth to children that are supposed to be aliens.

Sounds funny??? Isn’t this an area of concern? Shouldn’t we give such people chance to speak about their experience? Imagine an earthly human forced to have sex with an alien, which seems to hail from a far away world. Come on we have to get serious about this, if there is even a little truth in such talks then surely we are in for some serious trouble. Imagine an alien attack that might put an end to our civilization.

There are many scientists that have actually taken this point seriously. One the most recognized and respected in this field is David M. Jacobs who is researching on alien cross breading. Where he is trying to create awareness among us as to what these aliens are up to. He is trying to state the alien plans where they are looking for a smarter race, to create an army of theirs against us that to with our own help. They are actually trying to raise an army that consists of both intelligent as well as equipped with higher technological weapons. They are actually preparing for a future war, which we are completely unaware of.

According to David M. Jacobs alien breading is said to be done forcefully or by creating a situation where a person tends to get desperate and involves in such an act, which he doesn’t wish to. The patients that David M. Jacobs has had are mostly women who were either forced to have sex or some just didn’t remember what happened last with them before being forced to give birth to aliens. In this case they are actually helping the cause of the aliens where they actually donated a child or sperm for the good of aliens.

Many patients have stated that they were taken away for breeding and were experimented with alien spouses. People in past have undergone many experiences where a person doesn’t remember where exactly he was before being abducted. In order to remember the part that was completely forgotten by a victim, psychiatrist use a wonderful way to retune the partial memory loss occurred. In this a person tends to remember the medical tests or even forceful sex that were carried on by the aliens in their spaceships.

If these aliens are looking to improve their intelligence quality by cross breeding with our beings than they will be surely aware of our strength and technology that doesn’t even bother them. Reports of forceful alien breading have increased in recent times this means they are actually trying to make next generation intelligent children. The aliens are looking all set to having their job done of cross breeding. The aliens are targeting our earth more than the humans.