Alien Captured on Live TV?

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Incredible footage coming out of Argentina claims to depict an alien caught in the background as a woman is interviewed.  The incredible footage suggests something might be going on nearby according to Michael Cohen, who uses this and other footage to make his case.  But is the footage genuine?

The original story suggests an alien being was discovered by viewers walking in the background as a woman was interviewed by Argentina’s Channel 2 news earlier this summer (winter in the southern hemisphere hence the coat).  The footage is compelling as the subject in question is distant and yet looks distinctly inhuman.  So if it isn’t a person, what is it?

First, let’s take a look at the creature in question.  It seems to have incredibly long arms whatever it is.  The arms seem to run all the way to the ground and wave smoothly as it slowly drags itself across the ground.  Additionally, it is incredibly skinny.  It seems too skinny to be even a particularly thin human being.  Additionally, the head is incredibly tall and oddly shaped.  As it turns its head in profile you can clearly see the shape is very reminiscent of commonly reported alien greys.  Because of the distance, details are difficult to point out.  And as the only known sources for the video are video streaming sites such as youtube, details are even more difficult to point out.

But that won’t keep us from attempting to analyze it and discover what exactly the subject’s source could be.

First, the figure moves incredibly smoothly across the background.  Its arms are not jerky, but rather seem to flow like a wave.  This could be an indication of computer generation, but some have suggested this is simply how certain types of aliens move.  As we’re dealing with a subject that is by nature very different from what we’re used to, it seems reasonable to give this aspect the benefit of the doubt.

The real problem arises when we look at the woman’s face as she’s being interviewed.  There’s nothing wrong with her face, but the shadows painted by the sun indicate the sun’s general direction.  As no one is questioning whether or not she was present at the creation of this film, let’s assume the shadows on her face are a true indication of the sun.  So naturally the shadows on the alien should be pointing in the same direction, in the general direction of the left side of the screen.  Other landmarks such as the truck in the background also serve as indicators for the sun’s location.

Since the alien’s shadow is in the opposite direction, we can point out that it’s the anomaly in the image.  It has been suggested the post it walks past is casting a shadow in the same direction, but this ‘shadow’ seems to be a feature of the terrain further up such as a bush or patch of vegetation.  To find out this was a hoax was a bit of a disappointment as it did have an interesting and unique quality to it.