Alien Caught on Film!

An extremely strange video has made its way onto Youtube from a witness who says he spotted something extremely strange just at the edge of his yard in Bilambil Heights, Australia.  And though it hasn’t seen much coverage, it is one of the most compelling “Third Kind” encounters we have ever seen.  The creature in the footage, though it is distant and at times blurry, exhibits some characteristics that sets this encounter apart from the typical “alien footage” we would normally expect from the popular video sharing site.

Though we have seen more than our fair share of “alien encounter videos” the Bilambil Heights footage depicts a creature that clearly appears organic.  And of course the first question many skeptics raised when it came up was “could this just be a person with a mask?”  That’s when it gets interesting.

The video starts with a witness watching his cat leave the house and start stalking along the guard rail as it makes its way into the moonlit yard.  As the witness continues filming the cat, the camera turns to the distance where he apparently has heard something.  Suddenly a very short creature can be seen a few yards away hiding behind some blades of grass.  Shortly after that the creature emerges from the grass and then ducks down out of view.  As the witness backs away either that creature or another like it appears holding something in its hand that emits what appears to be a steady laser toward the witness.  The witness then runs inside behind the screen door and continues filming, obviously startled by the event.

It is the first few seconds that is most interesting, perhaps, in this footage.  The witness is clearly disturbed when he first spots the creature and jumps back.  But this could have in theory been fake by a talented hoaxer.  But as hoaxers so often use premade rubber masks for their close encounter footage, the eyes never look quite right.  On this one, the eyes actually reflect the night vision light from the camera and reflect it in the same way a person’s or a cat’s would.  Additionally, though the creature appears impossibly thin, it still moves organically like a living biped would.  And while it uses what could easily be a laser pointer, it simply stands there emitting the beam not attempting to hide itself very much.  The witness then does something very few close encounter witnesses would do.  He runs outside and attempts to film the alien once again from out in the yard while he is alone.

When we think of close encounters with extraterrestrials, we all too often come across footage that appears hokey or unbelievable.  This footage, if it is a hoax, is an extraordinarily well made one.  The creature moves incredibly fast for a model, and doesn’t appear to be CG.  It holds an object in its hand and even appears to move around, but is also extremely short and thin very much like the “grey” type aliens described by excited UFO witnesses worldwide.  Is this an alien caught on film?  The final judge will have to be you, the viewer.