Alien Encounter Stories

The number of stories centered on alien encounters increases throughout the years. Although all unexplainable objects in the sky should not always be attributed to aliens, there are some very believable tales and photos that come from these tales. Sightings have been reported from a variety of characters, including married couples, children, as well as American presidents.


A well-known alien sighting case involves a New Hampshire couple, Barney and Betty Hill. One night during 1951, the Hills claimed that they spotted a V-shaped object with red lights, traveling in the sky. They stated that the craft appeared, rising and descending through the air; a weird buzzing noise accompanying it. Frightened by the sight, the Hills fled the scene by driving away in their car. Later on in the day, they were unable to remember what had occurred during a 2-hour period of time that coincided with the encounter.


It is not uncommon that witnesses claim to experience lapses in time when greeting a close encounter. They are usually unable to remember, recall or gauge various lapses in time that ranges from minutes, hours, as well as days.


The Hills began to have nightmares after their encounter and decided to visit a psychiatrist. Placed in separate rooms, the couple were put under hypnosis and questioned about their story. While under hypnosis, the Hills described an encounter with human-like creatures that brought them aboard a spacecraft, keeping them there for an unknown period of time. Both of their accounts were quite similar.


Descriptions of the aliens that were given by Mrs. Hill included: their height (5 feet tall); long noses; complexion (gray); dark-colored hair; blue lips. Mr. Hill described the aliens as being metallic and gray in color. Mrs. Hill believed that the aliens spoke English, while her husband thought that they spoke a different language that he felt was somewhat familiar to him. Other details that were documented involved a needle being inserted into Mrs. Hill’s navel, as well as a map that displayed the travel course of the alien’s craft.


If you think it’s easy to dismiss the claims of a citizen in regards to an alien encounter or sighting, how about ignoring the claims of someone who is running an entire country? Former President Jimmy Carter claimed to have witnessed a “flying saucer,” in January of 1969. He stated that this encounter occurred while he was the Governor of Georgia. He was not alone when he spotted the U.F.O. It is said that when he became President, he wanted NASA to look into the subject of crashed UFOs and alien remains. Advisors suggested that he keep these orders under wraps because they felt it would be better if this sort of topic were kept a secret from the public.

Rumors exist regarding former President Dwight Eisenhower and an unconfirmed visit to an Air Force base located close to Palm Springs. It is said that he went to the base to view the remains of an UFO aircraft and the passengers that were supposedly aboard when it crashed.