Alien Hybrid Claim Supported by DNA Evidence

In a court of law DNA evidence is considered an incredibly potent tool for proving or disproving a number of cases including murder.  But what about in the case to prove or disprove the existence of alien visitors?  One woman seems to bear just such evidence and it’s flowing through her veins.

When you run into the occasional abductee or contactee that makes the claim that they too are an alien human hybrid that was developed as an experiment to rescue a dying alien race or else to fulfill the mission parameters of some clandestine alien genetic research experiment, there is a moment when you have to decide for yourself how credible the witness is.  After all, the mantra spoken by skeptics again and again is that incredible claims require incredible evidence.  Perhaps that mantra should be revised now that Milagros Garcia has been discovered – a woman who’s DNA apparently has some connection to something not from around here.

Garcia made the claim that she was the result of an alien human hybridization program long before scientists got a hold of a sample of her blood and analyzed it.  What they found was nothing short of incredible.  Those testing the DNA without knowing her back story unwittingly even called it “alien” DNA supporting her claim.  But while Garcia’s several strange genetic quirks are certainly material to support her claim, there is nothing outright proving her story in the DNA alone.  And yet this information should be put in context.  If a man’s hairs are discovered at the scene of a crime (say a murder) or if a victim’s DNA (such as a hair) is found in the home of a murder suspect, the jury may consider this strong evidence in the case.  In fact the prosecutor may in fact consider it conclusively proof.  It seems DNA is a sort of golden standard of evidence in these cases, yet little more than anecdotal in the case of alien abduction.  So the question immediately is raised – how much evidence is required before the word ‘proof’ can be used?  Her DNA is so unique that many scientists have expressed interest in obtaining more samples to study even if they discount her claim of being partially alien offspring.

And though her case is extraordinarily noteworthy, she is by no means alone.  Several UFO insiders have made the claim that others like Garcia exist, but do not wish their origins to be exploited to catch them up in this cosmic “who dunnit?”  Garcia stands among very few who actually come forward to have their blood tested in the name of proving an alien presence on Earth while others stay silent and free to live their lives as normal residents of the planet Earth.

When skeptics casually list ‘grainy photographs’ and witness testimony as the only evidence for alien presence on this Earth, the real list of evidence recited in response should now list DNA anomalies such as those discovered with Milagro Garcia.