Alien Intervention, Forcing two individuals together By OKMufon

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For the last ten years Ufology and MUFON International have been a major part of my life.  The years proceeding this time I was interested in Ufology, but it was more of an interest and only when I had the time for it.  I was very busy as a wife, mother and working full time and didn’t have much free time. Although I haven’t attended church in quite a long time, the years that I did attend the Southern Baptist church were still very much ingrained in my thinking and there wasn’t room for aliens, reincarnation or anything paranormal.  Life never turns out how you think it will as strange things do happen.  I’ve personally experienced many things throughout my own life that I can’t really explain.  This was the very reason that initially led me to join MUFON International.  Although I’ve always considered myself a very broad thinker and an open minded person, this mind set did nothing to prepare me for a particular case I began investigating about two years ago. This true story has never been written about and still continues to this very day. The two people personally involved in this case shall be called ”˜Michael’ and ”˜Sarah’. At the time of this writing they wish to remain anonymous because of the personal nature of their bizarre experience.  Their lives will never be the same and neither will mine.

There are those who don’t believe what they can’t see with their own eyes; those who must have the physical proof or scientific backing that something does indeed exist.  That’s certainly ok and I’m not criticizing anyone for this mode of thought, but for those of you in this category, this article isn’t for you because I don’t have the proof that you require.  However, I’m personally convinced the story is absolutely true.  I feel it is imperative to speak out about what I consider a very real, intimate and emotionally debilitating phenomenon which may be affecting more people’s lives than anyone can imagine.  The people being affected by this phenomenon feel they are not in control of their own emotions and feelings and that possibly some outside force is at work.

Although there are those who will and do disagree with me about this case, I believe that Michael and Sarah may be concurrently experiencing two separate enigmas being a ”˜love bite’ and a shared past life possibly being twin souls.  The ”˜love bite’ title may sound a bit comical, but I will most assuredly tell anyone that it is not funny.  In fact, it is just the opposite and can cause more heartache and dysfunction in one’s life than anyone thought possible.  A ”˜love bite’ is the manipulation of human thought and emotion and orchestration of events and personal relationships in their lives either by aliens and/or humans. There have been a few brave researchers and abductees who’ve either talked or written about this subject. Otherwise, this subject is not often freely discussed because of its extreme personal nature.  An excellent area which fully explains this subject is Eve Lorgen’s website at   www.alienlovebite.com.  The second enigma is reincarnation or past lives. Nicholas F. Schmidt, Ph.D. has a wonderful website at  www.fromthestars.com explaining past lives as well as other subjects.  If you haven’t heard of the ”˜love bite’ subject and/or do not fully understand it or reincarnation, I highly encourage you to visit both websites and become knowledgeable before proceeding to read the upcoming articles I will be posting on the case investigation of Michael and Sarah. 

As I began investigating this case, I came to realize that the symptoms of the ”˜love bite’ and the symptoms of twin souls were similar.  I wondered how could something that seemed like a good thing such as twin souls and something that was a bad thing such as a ”˜love bite’ have similar symptoms.  This was very confusing to me as well as to Michael and Sarah, especially considering the fact that they both seemed to have almost all of the symptoms.  This is one of the reasons why I believe they both may be concurrently experiencing two different enigmas.  It is also the reason why others disagree with me about this case.  Although other specific researchers disagree with me on this, I still greatly admire their work and have the utmost respect for their opinions and research.

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