Alien Intruder Invades Home: What Would You Do?

What would you do if you woke up in the middle of the night and realized your home had been invaded by an extraterrestrial?  What thoughts would go through your mind?  How would you react?  That’s exactly what one mother of three reported regarding an incident that happened to her, and the aftermath was no doubt just as creepy to her as the incident itself.  She awoke expecting to see nothing but her husband sleeping beside her.  What she saw was far more terrifying.

The creature she reported seeing was approximately three and a half feet tall with long fingers, a massive bald head, completely jet black eyes, and an eerie bluish grey skin covering its impossibly thin body.  The creature was staring at her from the foot of the bed and it had its hands on the railing.  With mere inches between the horrifying visitor’s hand and the sleeping couple it just stood there staring at her as she awoke.  The witness reported that she was so terrified she couldn’t move.  Until that point the novel idea of someone so terrified they were completely paralyzed had seemed a bit ridiculous to her.  But as this incident proved to her, it was more real than she had ever imagined.  She tried to nudge her husband awake to get him to see the creature as well, but she could not muster up the strength of will to move at all.  She was transfixed simply on the mysterious entity standing at the foot of their bed peering over and staring at them with its hands almost reaching out to them.

As soon as the creature saw that she had seen it, the small entity turned and sprinted into the next room.  The witness distinctly remembered hearing the pattering of tiny feet across the tiled floor and heard a thump as it jumped down the stair into the kitchen.  Still reeling from the shock of what she had just seen she finally nudged her husband awake and quickly explained what she had seen.  The couple searched the house together and they found that whatever had visited them had left.

In the aftermath of the incident the witness found herself still terrified by the railing she had seen the creature holding when she awoke to see it standing there.  Unable to touch it herself, her husband had to put it in the attic where it would remain for the next sixteen years, out of sight but not out of mind.  It was to her a symbol of the terrifying home invasion from another world.

So how would you react if you awoke and saw an extraterrestrial simply standing there staring at you?  While it does seem terrifying, there are many who would be actually glad or relieved to see them.  Still others would be terrified by the idea of anything entering their home in the middle of the night uninvited – extraterrestrials included.  The incident has left many couples with a sense of terror and more than a little wonder about the state of the universe.