Alien Invasion coming…Are you Prepared

Allow me to introduce myself I am Black Eagle and I have worked for the C.I.A for the last twenty years. When I was working in the C.I.A we had to deal what people called,”The Greys”  now the Greys are a very demanding species they wanted everything from people to bases, even our cultures. But unfortunately we had to give in they gave us enough technology to build the SR-71 and the stealth bomber, the secret project that isn’t secret anymore the Aurora, and not to forget your everyday appliances such as the microwave. How you can you suspect that we have made an airplane and gone to the moon in 60 years?

Anyways once I have heard that the invasion is coming I thought that we were all doomed, extinct in 5 to 10 days. But there is a good side to this, fortunately we have made an alliance with another alien species and yes there is more than one alien race in this galaxy, we have called them the “Hatchet” race because their heads resemble that of a hatchet look-alike, although we haven’t heard from them recently I’ve managed to get some documents on the alien race, they come from a star system of 2 stars about 2,500 light years away. They managed to reach Earth through what people call the “Wow” wave or whatever it is, the first contact they made with us was during the 1950’s at a base in Arizona. Well thats all I have for today I’ll be sure to inform you again.