Alien Invasion Without a Shot Fired

For years we’ve been living with the idea from science fiction looming that an alien invasion could be in humanity’s either near or distant future.  But the invasion scenarios we’ve generally outlined are usually assuming the aliens want our land or our resources.  In the cases it’s humanity they want, it’s usually assumed they want us to be exploited as slave labor or for food.  But what if the aliens simply wanted us to be more like them?  What if their invasion wasn’t as puritanical as we thought, but rather a shift toward being more acceptable in their eyes?

It’s a notion that has been whispered of for years in the abduction community.  What if the invasion we’ve all been dreading since reading the first science fiction stories has actually started as a clandestine operation, and we are actually being manipulated on a basic level by them for unknown reasons?  The question that always ends up arising is, “What do they want with us?”  What they want might be less than total domination, but rather a gradual integration of themselves into our society through any number of means.

If “they” existed in the same way so many abductees believe, then the narrative is clear.  Strange beings from the stars have come down and abduct humans to harvest genetic material and then clone altered human embryos.  It’s often suggested that these altered human embryos are then reintroduced into society to create an environment where we are currently living with thousands or possibly millions of humans whose DNA has been altered by extraterrestrial visitors.

Assuming that’s true, why not introduce yourselves first and possibly give humans an option to either opt-out or willingly cooperate?  If the integration were happening over the course of several centuries or happening in such a way that humans may not actually be willing participants, this might not be an option for the “invaders.”  Or it could simply not matter whether humanity knows or not.  It’s not so difficult to stop a cultural icon from arising if you have control of time and space.  But in fact it seems the network of communication is from the top to the bottom suggesting in subtle ways that there might be something to this alien narrative.  Television shows, movies, comic books, news reports, documentaries, novels, and even lectures on the subject often mesh in an uncanny and unnerving way with the eyewitness testimony of people who say they have been told outright that the differences between them and us are quickly diminishing.  And in time we may be just as much invader as native to this planet.

But to what end?  Why, in this narrative, do the aliens wish to mesh with us?  There are a number of possibilities, including the need for self preservation on the part of the invaders.  They have suggested that the extraterrestrial DNA could have some sort of flaw resulting in their species dying out.  Or it could be one of preservation – ultimately working to elevate humans to their higher level of thinking.  In the end we only have what the eyewitnesses say happened.  And the rest remains entirely unexplainable.