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Pat Regan author of UFO says …

At last, our extraterrestrial pedigree is being revealed

The creation of my latest book, ‘UFO: the Search for Truth’, has been an
immense learning curve for me personally. My experience so far has been
as a published writer connected with mythology, native Pagan
legend/religion and the eco-system and more recently concerning the
deception within politics. UFO: the Search for Truth holds numerous
accounts of strange public sightings concerning UFOs and aliens. The
subject of poltergeists and other extraordinary phenomena is also
broached as being relevant to the subject at hand.

However, just before I finalised the book fate stepped in and an amazing
disclosure occurred. I was contacted by the proprietor, Mr Chris Bray,
of a well-established Leeds bookshop, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Chris
was aware that I was writing UFO and he kindly wanted to grant me
permission to use an image from his private collection. Just before the
book went into print I rushed in to request from my publishers,
‘CanWriteWillWrite’, that we should include this late disclosure.

The old photograph Chris sent to me was astonishing as it seemed to fit
perfectly with what I had already written concerning the potential of
our Humalien heritage. I had already included in the book American data
from the Starchild Project , an established scientific operation run by
Lloyd Pye. Recent tests on an extraordinary ancient skull of a child had
revealed that one of the parents of the child in question possessed DNA
that was not recognised as being of human origin. The potential of our
Humalien heritage was being revealed.

I quote from Lloyd’s own 2010 news release:

“This past weekend (March 2010) I met with the
geneticist working on the Starchild’s DNA. He explained how he can now
prove the Starchild is not entirely human, which has been our position
for years. Now it is no longer a question of “if,” but of “when” and
“how” we spread this astounding new reality beyond the mailing list.”

Lloyd reiterates that scientific corroboration now clearly illustrates
that a “significant part of the Starchild’s genome is not found on
Earth.” This groundbreaking discovery by Lloyd’s expert team will indeed
I believe transform world history and the way we perceive life in the
universe. However, the new photo that came to light, thanks to Chris
Bray, threw a whole new light on the exciting issue of humans who had
indeed crossbred with extraterrestrial races.

The photo (that we affectionately call “Alien Mom”) was an authentic
shot of a mother and child from Siberia. These two individuals
potentially hold alien traits of a physical nature. Chris explained in
my book:

“The pic is very historic, taken at the turn of the
century (circa 1900). Notice in particular the shape of the mothers head
and the length of her fingers! The kid looks almost identical to the
Area51 images of aliens and could easily be the result of mating between
aliens and humans. The photo is absolutely genuine but no claims of
extra terrestrial influence have been made about it before.”

But there was much more.

In June 1908 The Tunguska Event, or Tunguska Explosion, was a powerful
explosion that occurred over the so-called Southern swamp, a small
morass not far from the Podkamennaya (Lower Stony) Tunguska River in
what is now Krasnoyarsk Krai of Russia. There was not I believe a great
deal of scientific interest about the impact at the time, possibly due
to the remoteness of the Tunguska region. The first recorded expedition
arrived at the impact site more than a decade after the event.

In 1921, the Russian mineralogist Leonid Kulik, visiting the Tunguska
River basin as part of a study for the Soviet Academy of Sciences,
deduced from neighbourhood accounts that the explosion had been caused
by a giant meteorite impact. Kulik, persuaded the Soviet government to
finance an expedition to the Tunguska region, based on the prospect of
meteoric iron that could be salvaged to support Soviet industry. Kulik’s
party finally undertook an expedition in 1927.

Kulik made arrangements with the local Evenki hunters to direct his
party to the crash site. Reaching the vicinity was an extremely
difficult task. But upon reaching an area just south of the location,
the superstitious Evenki hunters would go no further, fearing what they
called the “Valleymen”. Kulik was therefore impelled to return to the
nearby village, and his party was delayed for several days while they
sought new guides.

Who were the mysterious Valleymen that struck fear into the hearts of
the Evenki hunters? Did they have any relationship to the Tunguska
Explosion? Later on, other claims came in about a wreck of an alien
device that had been found at the site of the inexplicable explosion.
Reports indicated that Russian scientists, belonging to the Tunguska
space phenomenon public state fund, said they found the remains of an
extra-terrestrial apparatus that allegedly crashed near the Tunguska
River in Siberia in 1908.

The mystery of the Tunguska event continues, yet now we have the
Siberian mother and child issue to consider also. I must say here that
the more I personally discover about this particular subject the more I
am convinced that extraterrestrial intervention with our own race has
genuinely occurred before. The evidence of experts does appear to be
most compelling indeed.

I shall let Chris Bray explain what is particularly fascinating about
the alien x human situation herein. What did he personally feel about
the Alien Mom photograph and its inclusion in my book? He informed me:

“You’ve stitched together some interesting links here
and of course apart from the Tunguska impact there have been many other
meteorite hits in northern Siberia over the centuries any one of which
could have disguised the crash landing of a spaceship (if indeed it was a
crash and not a chosen landing) but my take on the photo is that the
mother is herself a product of Alien interbreeding from several
generations previously and we need to look for a ‘visit’ anomaly during
the period 1775-1800. The importance of this picture is that it seems
to record alien physical traits which will have subsequently been
‘subsumed’ during later interbreeding of alien offspring with the native
Siberians who make up the majority of the population. Hence only a DNA
analysis could now repudiate the possibility that this picture is proof
of a race of humaliens living in Siberia.”

Chris’s pioneering disclosure deserves great credit. His “humaliens”
theory in fact makes excellent sense and would perhaps form the basis of
a brand new investigation for scientists researching DNA, such as the
one headed by Lloyd Pye. I feel this situation alone merits greater
research than is being currently undertaken. Are we finally witnessing
evidence of genetic amalgamation between extraterrestrial life forms
with humans?

Since ancient times up to this day; inexplicable UFOs have indeed been
reported over Siberian and Russian areas. I welcome greater scientific
investigation into this exciting situation. Others also seem to be
suggesting similar.

The UK press reported in February 2010 that Lord Martin Rees, the
Astronomer Royal of the UK, stated that aliens could be amongst us and
we may not be able to distinguish them. Rees, who is also the President
of the Royal Society, said:

“The problem is that we’re looking for something very
much like us, assuming that they at least have something like the same
mathematics and technology.”

Alternatively, recent sensationalistic scare-mongering by others such as
top scientist Stephen Hawking, who warned us in April not to ‘talk with
aliens,’ appears to be unjustified in view of the disclosure
highlighted in this article.

We are NOT alone and never have been!

We must learn more about our intergalactic cousins , not avoid them.

Fear locks our minds into the darkness, whilst greater understanding
opens the gates to the music of the cosmos and beyond.

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