Alien Movie Trivia: Alien (1979) cont.

Interesting parts that were used in the making of the alien costume includes Rolls Royce car parts. The slime that the Alien highlighted was actually made of K-Y jelly. Do you have any idea what was used to shape the tendon that showcased the jaws of the Alien? You probably would have never guessed , shredded condoms. Joining these trivia tidbits is the mentioning of original design secrets and how long the original film was slated to run.

The Nostromo followed the same specification as the NASA spacecraft that was current during those days. Some of the displays associated with Nostromo were recycled for the film, “Blade Runner” (1982).

H.R. Giger created the original design of the Alien, which included eyes, but this feature was finally discarded in an attempt to make the creature appear more evil.

What a shame”¦no film companies were interested in backing this film. Even 20th Century-Fox didn’t want to commit to this alien-focused tale. Some thought the picture was ‘too bloody’ for audiences. When Roger Corman showed interest in the storyline and Walter Hill also came aboard , the buzz surrounding the film began. Ultimately, 20th Century-Fox agreed to accept the film as long as some of the violence was cut out. Even after the first cut was revealed, the big wigs resisted and cited it ‘too bloody.’

Originally, the film ran for 3 hours and 12 minutes.

Copywriter Barbara Gips penned the famed tagline of the movie – “In space, no one can hear you scream.”

A little more about Badejo”¦ the man was found in a pub and happened to be a graphic artist who could fit the costume of the Alien. His height was not only an asset, but his thin arms as well. In an effort to learn how to control his movements (primarily find a way to become slower), Badejo endured mime classes, as well as Tai chi. He also had a specialized swing created for him so he could sit down during the filming of his scenes, as a regular chair just wouldn’t do.

Bill Paterson (who would later play Bishop in ‘Kingdom of Heaven’) was offered a role in the movie, but turned it down.

When casting for the role of Ripley got underway, Ridley Scott gathered an assortment of women who worked in the production office to gain their insight during the viewing of screen tests. It was unanimous , Sigourney Weaver (who was relatively unknown at the time) had a screen presence that they likened to Jane Fonda.

Ridley Scott exclaims that three films influenced him as he worked on Alien. His impression on outer space was compared to Star Wars (1977) and 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) encouraged him to tap into the horror-side of filming.

When it comes to scary films , Alien received the ” third scariest film of all time” honor from Entertainment Weekly. Bravo would rate the chest bursting scene as the “second scariest movie moment of all time” in their 2004 countdown of “100 Scariest Movie Moments.”