Alien Movie Trivia and Facts: “War of the Worlds” (2005) II

In this article, we will continue to list some of the awards and recognition that “War of the Worlds” received, as well as reveal a comical prank that the director played on the cast of the film.

A collection of crew comprised of sound designers, supervising foley editor, sound editors, and foley artists won a Golden Reel Award Best Sound Editing in Feature Film for Sound Effects & Foley at the awards ceremony for Motion Picture Sound Editors. Various editors for the movie were also nominated for a Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing in Feature Film for Dialogue and Automated Dialogue Replacement at the same awards.

At the Satellite Awards, Michael Kahn was nominated for a Satellite Award for Outstanding Film Editing.

At the Visual Effects Society Awards, the movie took home a VES Award for Best Single Visual Effect of the Year, which involved the scene of people fleeing their homes. The movie also won an award for Outstanding Compositing in a Motion Picture, as well as Outstanding Models and Miniatures in a Motion Picture.

At the World Soundtrack Awards, John Williams won a World Soundtrack Award for Best Original Soundtrack of the Year. He was also nominated for an award in the category of Soundtrack Composer of the Year.

At the Golden Trailer Awards, “War of the Worlds” won a Golden Trailer for Best Action, as well as Summer 2005 Blockbuster.

The Irish Film and Television Awards nominated Dakota Fanning for an Audience Award as Best International Actress.

The Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards gave Dakota Fanning a Sierra Award for the category of Youth in Film.

“War of the Worlds” Trivia and Facts

The director of “War of the Worlds” is Steven Spielberg, who produced “Jurassic Park III” and “Saving Private Ryan.”

“War of the Worlds” was classified as an action, adventure, thriller, and science fiction movie.

Sadly, Tom Cruise was nominated for a Razzie Award as Worst Actor for his role in “War of the Worlds.”

Originally, the film was slated for a release date of 2007, but all of a sudden the movie was given the green light in the middle of August 2004 , to be released in 2005. The reason being that the director and star of the film (Tom Cruise) were able to commit time to the completion of the movie.

While filming the underwater scenes that involved a capsized ferry, Steven Spielberg played a joke on Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning by blaring dramatic “Jaws” theme music through loudspeakers situated under the water. The irony was that “Jaws” was another music associated with Spielberg.

In the movie, the aliens are seen exploring junk in a basement and one of them picks up a bicycle wheel and starts to play with it. This is a reference to the original book, as the main characters makes a note that the advanced technology of the aliens must have overlooked the invention of the wheel, as they aren’t seen using any.