Alien Movie Trivia and Facts: “War of the Worlds” (2005) IV

Interestingly, not many panoramic images are seen in the movie. The majority of shots for the film are filmed with a camera meant to mimic the eye’s view of an individual. The inspiration for this kind of filming came from the amateur shots that came from the terrorist attacks that took place on September 11th. Additional facts regarding the movie include:

The war cry associated with the Tripods was created by using a didgeridoo and computer effects.

In the opening sequence, the organism that is shown is called Paramecium , a water protozoan that dwells in a pond.

“War of the Worlds” marked the first major motion picture to utilize authentic M1 Abrams tanks instead of other selections dressed up to look like the real thing.

The Universal Studios Hollywood back lot was used for the shooting of scenes that took place on and around the commercial plane wreckage.

The movie was given approval for one of the highest sums in history – $200 million. Spielberg exclaimed that for the movie, they would spare no expense.

The shock and terror depicted in Ray when he finds ash all over his body was influenced by survivor stories of the September 11th attacks in New York City.

The taglines used for the marketing of “War of the Worlds” included “They’re already here” and “This Summer, the last war on Earth won’t be started by humans.”

A working title for the film was “Out of the Night,” but was later scrapped because it was thought to be too negative.

“War of the Worlds” was rated PG-13 for frightening sequences of sci-fi violence and disturbing images.

Paramount Pictures is the production company responsible for putting out “War of the Worlds.”

Filming locations for “War of the Worlds” included Beacon, New York; Brownsburg, Virginia; Canyon Country, California; Cold Spring, New York; Croton-on-Hudson, New York; Elizabeth, New Jersey; Naugatuck, Connecticut; Ingraham Street & Hartford Avenue (Los Angeles, California); Raphine, Virginia; Santa Clarita, California; Sony Pictures Studios – 10202 W. Washington Blvd. (Culver City, California); and Windsor, Connecticut.

Some of the filming locations in regards to particular scenes of the movie include:

20th Century Fox Studios – 10201 Pico Blvd., Century City, (Los Angeles, California) , A studio was used for the meadow farmyard set/cellar set.

Athens, New York , The ferry sequence

Carroll Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn, (New York City, New York) , Mary Ann’s parents’ house in Boston

Ferry Street, (Newark, New Jersey) , Ironbound neighborhood

Howell, New Jersey , Plane crash scene

JF Kennedy Blvd., (Bayonne, New Jersey) , Ray’s house , soundstage

Korean War Veterans Pkwy, Staten Island, (New York City, New York) – Freeway sequence

Lexington, Virginia , Valley war sequence

Piru, California , Athens diner scene

Red Hook, Brooklyn, (New York City, New York) , Opening dock sequence

Universal Studios – 100 Universal City Plaza, (Universal City, California) , A studio was used for the downed 747 set/ferry sinking scene.

Warner Brothers Burbank Studios – 4000 Warner Boulevard, (Burbank, California) , A studio served as the location for the Boston street scene.

Water Street & Peck Slip, Manhattan, (New York City, New York) , The lightning strike seen in the film came from a tape linked to this location