Alien Origin

Where are Aliens from? Did aliens spawn life on Earth? Quite Possible.  It is said most living forms need water to live. If there is no water, chances are there is no life. So when trying to evaluate where aliens are from, you must look for places that have liquid water. 

Common misconceptions are made often that say light and oxygen are needed for life to exist. This is totally not true because molds and fungus can easily live with no light, as well as many deep ocean creatures. Humans and most all land dwelling mammals do need oxygen and light because they are carbon based. 

When searching for life, one would tend to look on different planets and moons in hopes to find flowing water. To have flowing water, the planet must be semi warm, and the planet must contain hydrogen and oxygen because water is made from hydrogen and oxygen. 

It isn’t unreasonable to look for alien life on planets that are far from their sun. Heat can be created in several ways besides direct star light. In some circumstances it is believed gravitational pull, and other natural occurrences can cause heat. This is the speculated condition scientists expect to find on Jupiter’s moon Europa. 

It is said life forms exist in different solar systems. Orion, the Zeta Reticullum, and Nibiri are some examples life is said to exist. Until the day space travel is possible, we will never know for sure!