Alien Races, what alien races visited earth

U.S. warships patrolling Persian gulf shot down a UFO duringa battle with Saddam Hussein’s troops during Operation Desert Storm. Now a Top Secret mission to recover the UFO debis is underway. The U.S. Navy downed a UFO on January 24, 1991, according to a classified report detailing allied cooperation in the war to liberate Kuwait.it was detected by radar for nearly 30 seconds and was flying in an erratic manner. The order to down the aircraft was given when it buzzed several american ships, including the USS Wisconsin, USS England and USS O’brien and two British frigates, the HMS Battleaxe and HMS Jupiter. All vessels in the area fired on the alien spacecraft, which was described by officers as a chromium plated air-craft which emitted a high pitched piercing sound unlike conventional jets. The UFO was most likely downed by a tomahawk cruise missile, although every ship in the u.s. task force deployed in the Persian gulf emptied its conventional armaments to destroy it.

News of the alien involvement in the Persian gulf war was first revealed when pentagon intelligence reports of the U.S. armed forces performance were partially disclosed in Washington. For security reasons, much of the sensitive information is still classified top secret. Rumors of the UFO incident were verified by London based reporter Anthony Edens, who gained access to the joint American-British accounts of the UFO incident, revealed in London.

 The UFO skirmish is by far the most pertinent military knowledge gained from the Persian Gulf War, says Edens. The sophisticated military hardware of the United Stateswas not only superior to Saddam Hussein’s feared Republican guard troops but also to the UFO.

The hunt for the UFO debris was reportedly delayed until the memorial day weekend, when President Bush issued an executive order to recover the downed spacecraft. Intelligence analysts are relying on space satellite transmissions of the Persian gulf to race the whereabouts of the UFO debris. Respected UFOlogist Craig Shopley says if the UFO incident resulted in the death of any aliens, the results could be devastating for all mankind.

“Alien spacecraft are probably monitoring the earth to learn more about us,”  he says. “I’m sure that many americans will disappear this summer, and will be abducted by aliens who want to interrogate them about the gulf war.”