Alien-Related Mini- Series Facts and Trivia: “Taken” (2002) III

In this article, you will encounter a host of trivia and facts concerning the alien-related mini-series titled “Taken,” including a movie connection with one of the actresses playing a main character, as well as the filming locations of the series.

When taking a look at the third episode of “Taken” (called “High Hopes”), you will see that the character known as Owen Crawford investigates a photograph of an unidentified married couple abducted by aliens. Actually, the image that he is looking at is of an authentic couple named Betty and Barney Hill, who became quite well known throughout the early 1970’s after hypnotherapy sessions supposedly revealed that they had been abducted by aliens.

In the August 1st, 2004 issue of TV Guide, the character of Allie Keys earned the #16 spot on “25 Greatest Sci-Fi Legends.” Throughout the series, Keys depicts what an alien hybrid is, which is a human that possesses a certain percentage of alien blood within their chemical makeup.

Heather Donahue, who plays Mary Crawford as an adult is known from “Blair Witch Project” fame.

In the series, the parentage of Allie Keys plays an important role. Her mother was ½ Alien and started being abducted or “Taken” when she was 8 years old. As for her father, he was 9 years old when he started to experience abductions. He was human. Overall, Keys comes from a long line of family members who have been abducted , on the sides of both parent’s families.

Interestingly, this production was considered the most expensive film ever shot in Richmond, British Columbia. As a result, the suburban community benefited a great deal , with a flow of money that boosted the economy better than any other movie project to take place in the region.

The mini-series showcased abduction stories and sightings that were molded from real accounts that a variety of individuals have reported over the years.

Another title for “Taken” was “Steven Spielberg Presents Taken.”

Dreamworks Television was the company enlisted to bring “Taken” to life.

In the first episode, a WW2 bombing sequence is portrayed and was significant because it took advantage of NewTek’s “Lightwave 3D”. For instance, the imagery of Germany was in fact a spy photo taken from World War II.

Filming for “Taken” took place all over British Columbia, Canada (in places such as Vancouver and Richmond), including Britannia Beach, Fort Langley (Langley Township), General Services Administration Building (at the University of British Columbia), South Dyke Trail, Steveston Historic Fishing Village, University of British Columbia, Vancouver Aquarium (at Stanley Park), and the War Memorial Gym (at the University of British Columbia).

In Episode 2 (Jacob and Jesse) of “Taken,” we learn that Russell Keys has left his family. He experiences a troubling revelation during one of his abductions, where he sees that his son (Jesse), who is now a teenager is also being abducted.

Episode 4 of “Taken” (“Acid Test”) shows Colonel Crawford being forced into retirement after he sets off alerts that he has discovered a landing strip that may serve a purpose for alien ships. In the end, the find turns out to be crop circles made by a human in an attempt to cast doubt on his judgment. At this point, Jesse Keys is now a young adult.