Alien-Related Movie Trivia and Facts , ‘Signs’ (2002) Part I

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Do you believe in aliens? The characters in the 2002 movie titled “Signs,” are faced with this question, as they attempt to come to grips with strange happenings taking place all over the world”¦and right in their own backyard. This article explores the trivia and facts surrounding this alien-related film.

The Plot

A freak accident took the life of Reverend Graham Hess; wife and ever since, he has questioned his religious beliefs , even leaving behind the church. After six months have passed, he happens upon a huge crop circle in the middle of his yard. All over the world, similar features are seen. Graham’s children are convinced the crop circles are the doing of aliens, while others think it’s a big joke. However, Graham is unsure about the events. Over the course of the movie, an increasing amount of odd events take place, prompting Graham to fear the worst.

In the movie, Reverend Graham Hess is played by Mel Gibson with Joaquin Phoenix as his son, Merrill Hess. Rory Culkin (the brother of “Home Alone” stardom) plays his other son Morgan Hess, while a young Abigail Breslin takes on the role of Bo Hess. Other cast members include Cherry Jones (as Officer Paski) and M. Night Shyamalan (as Ray Reddy).

“Signs” Trivia and Facts

The director and writer of the movie (M. Night Shyamalan) plays Ray Reddy. Mel Gibson didn’t know that the director was taking on the part of a veteran until the day for shooting arrived.

This movie is classified as a drama, mystery, thriller, and sci-fi piece.

“Signs” was filmed in the Bensalem Township of Pennsylvania. Other places where production for the movie took place, includes Bucks County, Pennsylvania; Delaware Valley College (in Doylestown, Pennsylvania); England, United Kingdom; Fremont, New York; Morrisville, Pennsylvania; Newtown, Pennsylvania; and Oxford, Pennsylvania.

Scenes shot at Delaware Valley College, took place on a campus associated with the study of agriculture. It proved ideal, as two sections of corn were already growing at different stages. During the filming of the movie, production depended on a new watering technique that allows corn to grow faster. In the end, the Delaware Valley College became very interested in using the same procedure.

Joaquin Phoenix was not always slated to play the son of Reverend Graham Hess, as Mark Ruffalo was first given the role. Ruffalo was forced to exit the film when a tumor in his brain was discovered. Fortunately, it was later determined as a benign growth.

Throughout the film, certain director trademarks emerge, such as M. Night Shyamalan’s tendency to act in his own films, as well as show scenes surrounding a home invasion. He also used objects reflected on television screens and car accidents (the cause of death for Reverend Graham’s wife).

When film posters were released for the “Signs,” M. Night Shyamalan insisted that they did not show the face of Mel Gibson.

The concept of the movie involved a much older character for Graham Hess. At first, Paul Newman was offered the role, but did not want to take it. Clint Eastwood was also given a shot at the role.

The daughter of the director, Salek Shyamalan, completed the artwork that appears in the book about extraterrestrials.