Alien technology and Humans

Aliens, people who are not a citizen of any country. According to the American law a person who owes political allegiance with other country, a person who is not a native of America or citizen of the country of residence. A person means it is referring both kind f humans. Well this is true for a person and has the boundaries limited for the different countries. What about an individual, coming or originating from a different part of the universe. The presence of aliens can be the toughest question to answer for any scientist or astronomer. To answer this question with the most advance technologies we might probably take centuries to compete for traveling millions of light years in a blink. With the technology in its place we are so far able to find out that Pluto is not a planet from our solar system. After believing or considering it to in our territory for around a hundred of years we finally give it up to some other solar system. So what about earth and rest of the planets, how can one be so sure it does not come into some other part or way different solar system? For over many years we were in believe that sun does not revolve but now we know that it revolves around the milkyway. The universe is vast and wide, there are around billions, trillions or may be zillions of stars you never know. We live in a cluster of stars which call is as a milkyway, under that we lay a small solar system consisting of 8 planets and one star the bright sun. We are so far able to know about 1 percent of the universe, which we cannot even view at a single moment.
Can aliens be real? Before answering that we need to first understand what do we mean by real. Real means a thing that we can see, feel, hear or have living evidence in our surroundings. Talking about aliens we do not admit us to earth. Some people around the earth admit that they have seen them or they have caught a nice view of their space shuttle, which we call as a UFO. One question does arrive in my mind is that why always a normal person or an average going person has got a view of the UFO? Why it is never an astronomer or a person how is from a scientific or physics field? In all the cases, which admit, to see space ships have seen them only for some few seconds. Why don’t they come down to earth and show themselves live on television.
There a lot of conflicts and debates going on all over the globe about aliens. Some say they do exist, some don’t agree, some say they have visited our planet around thousands of years ago. One question which closes the topic for the people who backup the side for aliens is “where is the proof?” The debate ends.
Some scientist and researchers admit that aliens did exist and have visited earth; researchers also admit that aliens did help Egyptians to built pyramids and other huge structures. We are living with the most advanced technology and architecture knowledge but still we can’t just built a huge pyramid like the Egyptians have done for each of their kings with ease. A question, which arises, is how that is possible at that time and why not now. Where the people more advanced in technology or are it the alliance with the aliens.
We will be hearing new updates or people saying that they have seen them, but we all are for the day when we all will admit their existence or decide whether to extinct them from our thoughts.