Alien Technology of the Mind

We’ve speculated on the possibility of aliens visiting Earth in the past, and even attempted to look at how these creatures may look and act and how their incredible technologies might work.  But an idea first proposed by philosophers probing the mysteries of quantum physics has now started raising questions in the UFO field.  What if an alien race were not advanced because of technology, but rather by unlocking the power of its own mind?  And what if all of the universal manipulation of time and space came about as a result of that and not any particular device it created?

If an alien race were to fully unlock the capabilities of their minds and discover that this mastery allowed them control over their environment, then eventually they may not even have to develop any new technology, instead simply using the power of their mind to transcend the very laws of physics as we understand them.  Such creatures may be able to travel between dimensions, study distant planets simply through introspection, or even attempt to communicate with distance beings from their own planet millions of lightyears away.  Just as the internet provided us with the ability to use a digital medium to converse all over the world, mastery of telekinesis could allow the instant construction and transmutation of basic elements into puppets that appeared to be physical in form, and yet answer to none of the laws of physics we are aware of.  Entire fleets of craft could be held aloft by the thoughts of an entire race of beings on some distant world, or simply one.  And so then as a result the entire world could be changed and manipulated as the result of beings using only their minds.

Of course the idea seems far fetched to the tool making beings of our planet, but humans have worked well within only one spectrum – keeping us entirely bound to the realm of objects we can create.  One would think that after several decades of research something like a crashed flying saucer might allow us to create a vast army of interplanetary flying machines, but is it possible that the debris of the Roswell incident revealed only a basic metallic disc with space for occupants, but no known devices within?  What if the reason the incident was kept under wraps was because the military – even after all these years of research – were still trying to figure out the most basic elements of what this crashed saucer was?  What if there was nothing to make it fly, and parts of the interior simply didn’t make sense?  It seems an incomplete ship, with all of its interior components serving what appeared to be purely aesthetic purposes would be impossible to reverse engineer because nothing within would actually serve any real purpose.  Even an autopsy of the beings left behind might reveal nothing in their anatomy that made any sense.  Rather than organs they could just be solid blocks of roughly organic matter held together by some unknown force – the force of this distant creature’s mind.