Alien theories

The fantastic aliens and their even more spectacular flying machines have long invaded our world. There are a number of eye-witnesses that have added to the already recorded UFO and alien sightings all over the world. The abbreviation UFO stands for unidentified flying object, one that is perceived as a possible alien spacecraft! Over the years, NASA authorities and government officials have gone way beyond to prove that these objects are just passing meteors or disintegrating satellites that are observed in the night sky. Sometimes, the authorities have even proved the sightings to be birds, aircrafts and experimental weather balloons. The world of science that is dedicated to the study of outer space proves them to be nothing beyond moving objects within the visible electromagnetism of our atmosphere. However, the same authorities openly flaunt the fact that they are in the midst of space voyages to prove the existence of life on other planets and probes into other galaxies. We cannot forget that our planet is just a miniscule speck in the infinite universe that engulfs us-with millions of galaxies, planets and satellites

It is very surprising that so far there has been no positive identification of an alien spacecraft landing and there has been no report on evidence of any recurring and identical UFO experience from any one particular place in the world!  Most ‘ufologists’ believe in the scrutiny and the testimony of the eyewitness accounts of spotted aliens and flying saucers, the facts about the background of the people who testify and stand up as witnesses, the lack of contrary testimony or physical evidence provided by the NASA authorities or the government officials, and weak arguments of skeptics and the confirmed non-believers.

It cannot be denied that the only reason behind the refusal is the lack of evidence. The reports on record by the alleged alien abductees and background check conducted by ufologists have proved that these people are not insane or victims of delusion. Still, it is part and parcel of human nature for even the most sane and normal people to be deluded about quite a lot of things in the environment. However, this has all culminated in the establishment of some kind of religion. The topic has a rostrum almost everywhere, with more and more reports of the ‘unearthly’ sightings coming on record. After religion and politics, it cannot be denied that the extraterrestrials and their fantastic flying machines are a sensitive topic for discussion and deliberation.

The alien theories, true or not, have definitely enabled the earthlings to capitalize on the idea. We have a dedicated toy and gaming industry operative now that caters to the fantasy of every toddler and teenagers, making them warriors of the future. The celluloid has blown up for us the lovable ET and the terrible machines in the movie Independence Day. The small screen moved even further by describing experiences of earthlings on other planets via the series-Star Trek. We sure have an imagination all our own, and do not really have to wait for a conformation. Our neighbors would sure be in for a surprise if they could only view our concept of them!