It was just another November night for the rest of the world. But it sure was different for our witness. It was usual November mist with a lot of fog and cold breeze flowing. He was about to lie down on the bed when he saw outside his 2 window room, there was a beautiful Bluish tinge to the sky. As it was a never before sight he set out to get more visibility. As the door opened he saw a huge object as big as a private jet at a height of close to 700 feet outside his entrance. It was triangular in shape and was moving very slowly. It was making a huffing noise but had negligible sound and had 3 white lights at all the 3 corners.

First it looked like a space movie set and a dream but later when he realized that he was actually watching it happening outside the door he ran inside to grab the handy cam but in no seconds it had vanished and there was no sign of anything to have happened outside his house. Everything was back to normal; the blue tinge had left with the space craft. His curiosity to know more about that object made him sit in front of the computer to find more info about it. As he was going through a lot of articles on Aliens and UFO’s he came across one particular article which had a picture of the object which resembled to the one he had seen that night. To his amusement he also came across another article written just a few hours back that night itself where the writer himself was a witness to the same.

This and a few more evidences of UFO sightings have been recorded in the past as well but there’s hardly any specific finding which proves its existence to a 100 %. No study or research goes beyond a certain stage and then there’s no clue to what actually happens beyond the findings.

Though they are very much between us at least that’s what the studies till date prove but they hardly have any facts to support their research. The study also does not throw any light as to how would the gravity or gravitational force act on these extra-terrestrials. Would they behave in the same manner on earth as they exist in Space? Also we need to know if we are Aliens in their land (Earth) or are we justified in calling them Aliens? These and every question in regards to Aliens is a question of questions.

Zero Point Field- Most Scientist’s believe that alien spacecraft must be using a highly advanced technology or propulsion system to move them across vast distances in a short period of time. Quantum physics may hold the answer as to just how they are getting “here from there,” and it is called the Zero Point Field. It was proposed by a few scientists that space was not empty but filled with zero point electromagnetic radiation. This energy can shift objects at unimaginable speed from planet to planet. I’ll be elaborating more on this topic in my next article and also highlight on how mankind can utilize these vast reserves of energy for our wellbeing. Though it sounds like a far away thought but then nothing seems impossible when it comes to human brains.