Aliens and The Purpose behind Scaring Humans

Ever thought hat will happen if a scary looking creature walks up to you and makes weird noises? This may sound something out of the world and here we are talking about aliens. These are said to be creatures from the outer world or can be said as other planet and such creatures are not seen by any person on the planet however there are many fables and stories about aliens and many people say that they have seen many different types of space crafts in different places around the world and the best part is that not even one of them knows each other. Though this is difficult to believe but many astronomers and researchers have detected unidentified flying objects moving around. There are many scientists who agree to the same and there are many who say that this is nothing but some fake wake to get famous amongst the crowd. There are many scientists from all over the world who are trying their level best to send signals i.e. sound signals passing many light years and they have been successful in doing the same however they are not able to receive any signals in return this has been practiced since many odd number of years but however the scientists are not able to be successful. A lot of money has been given by all the countries towards their scientists for many reasons and one of the main reasons is astronomy so that they may succeed in getting some response or get some modern technology to work to prove that there are some other creatures like the humans living on some other planet in some other galaxy. The whole alien theory is considered to be just like the “Unicorn” a creature from old fables which looked like a horse and had a horn and this was one of the creatures which could never be captured by even one of the strongest men. However this is for sure that the unicorn was a fable creature but the aliens are a controversy yet there is no assurance whether they are real or are just fake and story like the unicorn. If the aliens are true then why doesn’t our science brilliance get any response from them and will they ever be seen by humans or will they ever really attack the earth are mostly questions which are raised by the lay men who are asked about the aliens. Since the scientists have never heard from the aliens nor have they spotted, it is very difficult to say whether they really do exist or even answer the questions of the laymen. Though there is a proof that there are at times unidentified flying objects seen in and around the earth’s atmosphere one can not be assured that these are alien spacecrafts or some other mechanism created by mankind himself and to find this out many investigations have been placed but the result is that no one is found guilty of creating the space craft. Hence there is a possibility for sure that aliens are present but this is just an assumption by many.