Aliens and The Technology They Use

The number of UFO sightings around the globe is enormous. With so many people around the world saying they have seen UFO’s is surely an area of concern. Many have gone past unrecorded. The majority of UFO sightings are from UK. This means that there is a civilization that keeps an eye on us. If at all they are not harmless than why aren’t they interacting with us, there has to be a good explanation for this. What is there nature are they friendly or dangerous.

These so called aliens that are supposed to have achieved the objective of traveling all the way to earth might have some other goal as well, where they might be looking to conquer our precious Planet Earth. Having said that they look far more advanced than us; this can be seen from their achievement where they have come all the way from a planet that is out of our sight. We earthlings are not yet able to find a planet that has life. As for these aliens they have already reached one.

This means that the mode of transportation they have is faster than any machine on this planet. May be these aliens are traveling at the speed of light, traveling at the speed of light shows that they are more advanced than us, so if there was to happen an alien attack in the current situation, probably we will find our selves helpless. The frequent visit of aliens (UFO’s) on earth implies that they are on a mission that could be devastating for us. The UFO sightings in Area 51, The Crop Circles, and alien breeding with humans are all a sign of a possible alien attack.

It’s not that people have seen normal spaceships, but some have actually come across mother ships that are said to be as huge as a 100 soccer fields. Many have confirmed sightings of spaceships traveling in clusters. How could our radar miss all this? Possibly NASA is aware of all this and doesn’t want to disclose their research to us. There was a scenario after the Second World War where the radio channels had informed that there was a spacecraft crash in New Mexico in the desert. The government has been found guilty of lying to public of the crash that had taken place in Roswell in the month of July. The story has become very common since then and a museum has been created in Roswell after this incident. Where people from around the globe come to have a look.

Whatever the reason for the frequent visit of the aliens to our planet might be, but yet we are unable to find proper evidence of their existence. How can these aliens escape our sight when there are so many radars that can track them down? Either the case with the aliens is that compared to us they are so advanced that it is difficult for us to even imagine what kind of technology they have.