Aliens and There Secret Tagging

I once heard from a scientist that if an alien were to land on our planet the government would be contacted and the being would be captured with hostility, which makes no sense to me. It then would be taken somewhere unknown to the free world and probaly disected. And sometimes you just wonder if the world is a nice place to live in. There are many theories about Et’s and there belonging on the universe, why do we bother? Seriously is there any point to try and figure out a being we don’t really even know exists?

        I believe that as we speak aliens are you could say “tagging us” somehow marking us and watching how we move and trying to figure out humans emotional status. You see you can also vise-versa everything anyone who knows something about anything says. WE are there ET’s and they wan’t to figure us out! But how would we react to such a thing,? That is a really hard question, would G.W.B blow them up with a machine gun if they made first contact? There are so many possibilites that would take days to write down….but back to the point.

        I believe that aliens are watching are bodies studing them, invisible of course, or mabye not! What if aliens take body of a police officer who pulls you over just to glimpse at human form! By them making body and visual and even sound contact with us does that send information to the “mothership”, as trekkies like to call it. I wish somebody could figure that out, but noone can! WHY, becuase there is no contact or barrier between us and them were all living on one big blue blind planet that can’t seem to figure anything out. So are aliens tagging us to study our emotions,? Mabye. Or what if the government is hiding what evidence there is of first contact? Who really knows, I’d like to meet someone who does…………

                              – Chris Tivnan ………. [email protected]