Aliens are not Strangers

The word ‘aliens’ is used anywhere, where there is a reference to something that comes from outside or that is not belonging to the particular area that is talking about. When the word in itself has the meaning ‘foreigner’, this has a wide usage in different contexts like biological, terrestrial, law etc. But in all these areas the basic meaning is the same: that is coming from somewhere else.

The terrestrial usage of ‘aliens’ is when referring to extra terrestrial beings. They generally include the things that are originated outside the planet earth. The application of the term ‘aliens’ in law is significant when someone from an outside nation becomes a part of a foreign country. This gains an importance in law as there are laws needed to be followed in such situations that handle these ‘aliens’.

The biological concept of ‘aliens’ is similar to all these and the difference are in the elements that get the name ‘aliens’ here. It is generally given to those living beings that are brought to a habitat from a different habitat. The organisms brought in this can be animals or plants and are generally forced to adapt to a situation that is entirely different from the one they were used to.

This is often done by human beings to serve various purposes.  The process can be through any media purposefully intending at any use of these creatures in the new environment. It can also happen when they feel that the living beings will find it more convenient in the new surroundings as compared to the older ones. There are situations where this transfer of life from one area to other can happen completely ignorant of human knowledge.

Such situations can happen as a part of human encroachments in various parts of the world. As they transfer from places to places, the animals in those places also join them and thus ‘alien’ species are born there.

The problems that ‘aliens’ faces when they are compelled for an adaption are many. The living beings are supported by the nature with various other things built in the nature like climate and also several other creatures on which they can depend on for food. This predators and prey are not promoted along with this ‘aliens’. The climatic conditions are tried to reproduce: but often this is done in vein. The net effect of this is that they suffer suffocation in the artificial set up and often survival becomes difficult. Many species are under the threat of extinction and many are endangered also.

Human beings and other inhabitants of the place are often met with difficulties when ‘aliens’ arrive. The ‘aliens’ bring with them various harmful diseases uncommon in the environment. As a result, the living beings there won’t be having the immunity and resistance towards the newly arrived diseases. This condition is very critical also.

When birds and other similar creatures face this transition of the ecosystem, they often happen to have physical changes to support the physical conditions of the place. These include a change in the structure of the wings or beads.

Plants are generally brought in intentionally be man to decorate his surroundings or for meeting such environmental disasters like erosion, flood etc. The main issue in doing this transfer of bio system of plants and algae is that they very often become a threat to the inhabitant plants. They take away their food or even take these plants as food to survive. They establish themselves in the new environment posing a threat for the already existing ones.

‘Aliens’ in whatever concept it may be is often seen by other creatures as completely strange. They exhibit intolerance when new living beings come to occupy their place and conquer their freedom. But somehow this happens to keep balance the delicate in nature. When human intervention in even remote and unknown places increases, this balance is affected resulting in a total destruction in nature and its life.