Aliens Are Protecting Us

Aliens are there, they supervise our government and our armies. They have the technology to make us stop our daily occupation by shutting down our electricity resources as it happened in the East Cost of the US in 1965 after some power plants near the Niagara falls shuted down. Indeed, during this event, many people saw UFOs in the sky above the power plants and above the cities. The Time Magazine printed a photo of this object on the newspaper of November 19th 1965 few days after the event. Many testimonies are also available. The government didn’t find any other explanation. UFOs are seen all over the world as you read these lines especially in the areas of military bases and nuclear and higher technology research centers. In US, in 1974, a plane crashed near Mount Weather. Journalists who went there for the crash noticed the existence of a military base there and started to investigate. The government tried to hide the function of this base but information passed trough the filter. This base was in fact a subterranean city able to feed and accommodate 1000 people including the president of USA. Many similar bases exist in the territory. In 1965, this base of Mount Weather become in maximal alert because of the East cost blackout. Many detector flickered indicating a nuclear attack. Many believed it was the URSS but many other realized in time that it was only a fake alert due to the East Cost blackout. Aliens was behind this case. They have the power to annihilate nuclear weapons and to completely cut off energy to countries. And this is what they did in 1965.

The governments all over the world try to hide us the existence of this pacifist aliens because it represents a threat to their political power. Some say that the US is trying to control all the Earth to then be able to have a seat in the alien community in the process of decision about the Earth and beyond. Humans are not stupid and we will stay free. Our power is our freedom. Tibetans monks have got some insight in the future and say that aliens will show themselves soon (2012 according to Indian tourists) in order to save us from our foulness. What the governments will do in order to keep their power? Already, we can see their actions. They are hiding information as well as giving us false one. They try to get more control on our mind and body. Many laws all over the world are voted in order to do it(with the excuse of anti terrorism action). Will people be able to keep themselves free from these dictatorships?