Aliens Good or Bad?

Look ladies and gentlemen. Aliens are here, some people say they’re bad some say they’re good others say they’re a hoax, well I’m here today to discuss what had and what will happen to us in the near future. Okay first of all I have been to this site before and what some people say about “aliens making a treaty with the government to harvest the humans” is a lie. Second of all they DO NOT look like “reptillians”. Last there is somewhere in this website that tells about “The Horrible Truths” which is also a lie. But I’ll say now the information is going to be a little to much for some people. Alright about 50 years ago NASA went to the moon but what they saw up there was almost “indiscribable” to most people. Allegedly Nell Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin found actual alien bases on the moon, for all we know that can be a lie, but it isn’t they actually found alien bases on the moon and they have research stations that study our history and study our weaknesses. In the event of a nuclear war which can happen in the next few years, they will send an entire fleet to Earth to “save the human race” but what some people might say is that they might use us for other things, such as slavery or for food. Recently some people from Missouri have been reporting weird formations on the moon, such as the moon changing color, or seeing objects explode, one person even said that they saw a craft circle the moon over a hundred times. Now I recently myself have been abducted and also interrogated by the alien species and yes they do speak English and other world languages. So I ask them,”Is your race evil or good?” they responded in a line that will never leave my head, what they said was,”Your race is insignificant, a waste of space, we are doing you a favor”, after that I was traumatised to even leave my front door. There you go ladies and gentlemen.