Aliens Taking Over The Dream World

It seems aliens are a big part of my dreamworld lately. Aliens, unidentified flying objects, paralyse, etc. In conscious battle with unconsciousness, I thought I was being controlled by an unknown force in the room that I was unable to see because I couldn’t open my eyes and when I did pry them open, I could only keep them open for less than a second. The whole time I was battling this unknown force, I was thinking aliens. Then last night, in my dream, I am driving down a road I know in my town. I am coming to the T in the road where the road I am on meets up with one of the busier roads in town when, to my right, I see a UFO very low in the sky, about 50 feet off the ground. I remember observing it so I could draw it later because I knew I was a witness to something spectacular, perhaps deep in my subconscious, I was thinking that I could draw it when I awoke. It was circular with a dome top. It was landing and when it touched ground, the dome began to sink into the base. I came to the T where I then took a right so that I could continue to observe it, but when I turned right, there was a car stopped in the middle of the road in the lane next to mine. A black car. I knew it was “him”, from the craft. His door was open as if he was waiting for me to stop next to him. He was going the opposite direction, so his driver side was near my driver side. I stopped, not caring about the traffic we were blocking. They could go around. This was spectacular and I knew I had to speak with him. No question about it. I got out of my car to talk to him and he got out of his. He said, “Do you know where I can find Ms. Mills?” Mills was not the name, but it was very close to that. I remember it sounding like Mials. Mia-els. Something like that. He was an old man, white hair, but what I remember most was looking into his liquid blue eyes. I told him that I didn’t know her, but the gas station on the corner had a phonebook and maps. I thought how sad and desperate it must be to come here, all that way, and to be lost, not knowing where to go or how to find what/who you’re looking for. The next thing I remember is being in a house (of course a house I’ve never seen before) in the kitchen sitting at the table with my dad. I looked at the sliding glass door, half covered by a curtain, and I knew that my dad was trying to hide me from something. He then said something like, “it’s too late.” I got up and walked over to where he was at and I could see an alien approaching the sliding glass door, about 10-15 feet away. It was very short, and erect, as we are. I remember it being a brownish-tan in color. I don’t remember details, just a form. It never approached the door and came in, but then it was just inside, at the table with us, as a man. Unlike the alien posing as an old man on the street, I did not feel comfortable with this one. I remember feeling very primative, as a wild animal would feel if we were there to take it away or do something to it. It would run, fight, do anything in it’s power to get away or stop you. I can’t remember what this man looked like. All I can remember is that he was younger than the first with dark hair (both of them, the old man and this one, were tall, about 5’10-6′). I don’t remember a huge struggle or fight, but I do remember stabbing him with a pencil. He wasn’t threatening in any way, but I knew. I just knew something, but now I don’t remember what. I got away, ran outside to get my dog, a german shephard (strangely, there was a german shephard in my last alien dream, invasion or rescue! I’ve never had a german shephard in waking life! What’s this about!?). It was suggested to me by the person with me, female, either my mom or my girlfriend, no longer my dad, that if I brought her in, she would attack him. I brought her in, but then I began to worry that he might hurt her, so I then started to protect her by removing any sharp objects, such as pencils, that he might stab her with. It was very strange. Toward the end, it seemed that he was the helpless one. He was laying on the floor, it seems unable to move, and I crawled over him to pick up a big bundle of pencils. There were pencils all around him. I crawled over him, unafraid of being close to him because I must’ve known he was harmless at that point. At one point, there seemed to be some sexual static in the air. I can’t remember a whole lot toward the end, after sitting at the dining room table but still, this dream strikes me as profound, especially since there seems to be a pattern with me and my dreams lately. And my dreams are just beginning to come back to me. I had lost them for a while.